Welcome to the 2020 Holiday Lights Tour

Welcome to the 2020 Holiday Lights Tour

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Christmas Lights CONTESTANT

The following is a map of some of registered holiday lit homes in Scotts Valley and some in SLV, as well as neighborhoods that I feel have done a nice job with several homes that are lit up.

• NEED TO REGISTER YOUR HOME OR NEIGHBORHOOD? Scroll down to bottom of this page to do so.

Please remember a few important rules as follows:

– PLEASE practice social distancing and wearing of masks AT ALL TIMES when out in public
– PLEASE stay in your car if you are driving through
– Please do not walk on people’s property and always make sure you walk on sidewalks and never on people’s lawns and landscaping.
– Please do not ever touch any of the ornaments or decorations.
– Please do not ever interfere with anyone’s privacy.
– Please ALWAYS thank the residents if they happen to be present for putting together such a nice display for everyone to enjoy.
– Please DO have fun!

Click on map for interactive view and scrolling capabilities
– Map also contains list of homes –

• Need to register your home for map placement? Please send me an email AND WRITE “HOLIDAY LIGHTS” IN SUBJECT along with your home address and attach an image if you have one by clicking here.

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