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TPx Communication
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TPx Complete is an industry first: a comprehensive package of essential managed services that’s been specially designed to meet the unified communications, cybersecurity, network quality, and continuity needs of small businesses.

TPx Complete delivers a full solution of both end-user and site-wide services to completely address your complex IT requirements. It’s right-sized so it doesn’t include anything you don’t really need – but you can always add-on users and services later. Best of all, we make everything work together perfectly, so you don’t have to think about it. Everything is handled by TPx’s team of managed services experts.

How Does TPx Complete Work?

You get one TPx Complete bundle for each of your business locations. For each location, simply choose the bundle size that’s the closest match to the number of employees at that location: 10 users, 20 users, or 50 users. You then add additional users to the bundle to create a managed services solution that’s perfectly scaled to your business. For example: if your location has 35 employees, you’d get the TPx Complete bundle for 20 users plus 15 additional users.

Each location can only have one TPx Complete bundle. However, you can purchase multiple bundles for multiple locations.

In addition to a full range of managed services, the TPx Complete bundle includes a Power over Ethernet switch, Managed Services Router, and managed firewall for each location, and every user gets a desk phone.


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