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Computer Center Santa Cruz
Business Phone Number: 831-464-7262
Address: Santa Cruz
City, State, Zip: Scotts Valley
Business Website Address:
Short Business Description: Unlike with computer shops, there’s no need for you to unplug and pack-up your computer.
Whether your home or office,
We Come To You.
…and do the computer repair while you wait, or we can pick up your computer to take it to our workshop.
Long Business Description:

Our About Us web page

Our Mission Statement:
CCSC (Computers, Compassion, Service, Community)
• To empower the residents of Santa Cruz county in using their computers and technology.
• To provide amazing support and service in the repair of said computers.
• To act as patient and caring advisors in all things technology.
• To be expedient, yet thorough.
• To be comprehensive, and not condescending.
• To support our clients’ needs so they can support others.

*****During the ‘stay at home’ period, we will be pausing our onsite support services.
We will be offering phone, email, and remote support to our clients and the community.

Contact us with a description of what you need and we can discuss the specifics and process of how to best support you and get you up and running.
We’re currently helping many people setup work from home processes. Feel free to contact us for our suggestions and recommendations.

Our hours or a bit sporadic at the moment. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able, between managing kids at home, other clients and duties.

Business Hours: Our standard business hours are M-F 9-5
Business Phone Number: 8314300663
Address: 266 My Hermon Rd Q
City, State, Zip: Scotts Valley Ca 95066
Business Website Address:
Short Business Description: Appointments Available Cellphones & Accessories Sale customer service, trouble shooting, bill payment center by calling. 831-430-0663
Long Business Description:

We are still here to serve you!

Please call for curbside pickup, delivery or shipping of new phones & accessories & more.


We will also do our best to resolve your needs remotely. Appointments,Tech support, Service payments & Customer Service offered by calling us at:


Extreme safety measures taken due to Covid19.

Our best wishes to you and your family as we navigate the days ahead together.

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am-6pm