Leo’s U-save Liquors

Leo’s U-save Liquors
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4790 Scotts Valley Drive
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Scotts Valley, CA 95066


A few days from my wedding I asked about my bill from U-Save as I hadn’t received it. My wedding planner said that I would get the bill once the alcohol arrived. We actually made plans to get some wines from Costco as a backup as we were worried it wouldn’t arrive on time. I was told I would be alerted when everything was ready. The day before my wedding I still hadnt heard anything but I was busy with the welcome party and what not so I wasn’t constantly checking up on it as I was before. My guests went to the liquor store down the street from our hotel that day, which apparently was Dominic’s liquor store because the person there (I’m assuming it was Dominic) harassed my guests about me not paying my bill. My guests came back shocked and a little disturbed. I was FURIOUS. Come to find out the bill was sent A FEW HOURS before this incident. Even if I had been DAYS late that is no excuse to harass my guests about a bill that they have nothing to do with that I’ve been asking about for the last few days. WILDLY unprofessional. I can’t even believe that he thought that was anywhere close to acceptable. Maybe he needs to take a class or two on how to run a business. I will be warning everyone about this place.

Ashlea | November 8, 2023

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