Scotts Valley residents like nothing more than a new spot to eat, have a nice drink and hang out with friends. They will be able to experience all of that when the Faultline Brewing Co. opens later this year at the still-under final construction Hangar.

Located behind Starbucks on Mt. Hermon Road, The Hangar will also serve as home to Penny Ice Creamery and Home by Zinnia’s (both will open this summer).

The Faultline has been serving satisfied patrons in Sunnyvale for 20 years. New owner Sam Ghadiri and his partner Joe Jean spent the tail end of the pandemic searching for the perfect location on this side of the hill. It wasn’t easy, he surveyed 15 locations.

It was important to him to have the same feeling as his 10,000-square-foot store in Silicon Valley. He found it with the 9,000-square-foot space within the Hangar. The inside restaurant is 5,000 feet and the outside eating area is 4,000 feet.

“I said to myself, ‘Oh my god this is perfect,’” says Sam, who works as an attorney. “But I was still unsure if Scotts Valley could support a business this large.”

Any doubts were vanquished after Sam brought his family to the July 4 parade, driving the route in a classic station wagon.

“Scotts Valley does need something like this,” he says. “Everyone was excited and asking about the Faultline.”

For Thirsty Residents, It Will Be Worth The Wait

The Faultline, also known as a microbrewery, has a master brewer with Peter Catizone, who formerly worked his magic at the Boulder Creek Brewery and Café. He’s received more than 50 awards for his brews.

To say they have a huge selection of specialty beers would be selling them short. At least 10 different brews can be bought as a sample, small, pint, or mug. To see a complete list of beers, go to The Faultline Brewing Co.

The following links are what they have in their Sunnyvale location and may not be exactly what will be on their Scotts Valley menu:

Current Food Menu
Current Drink Menu

If you are looking for the hard stuff, the Faultline will offer a full bar, with specialty drinks such as a double-barreled Manhattan and chili lime mango (Patron tequila, orange liquor, jalapeno, mango, sweet and sour, and Island Hopper IPA).

Patrons will also find a huge selection of white and red wines, plus a bar full of the finest brands of call liquor.

Just Good Food

The food is about 10 steps above typical bar offerings. “We try to put a flair on traditional American cuisine,” says Sam.

Indeed, how about beer brine chicken with dipping sauce (one of their specialties)? Or choose from steak dinners, pizza, seared ahi, or just a plain hamburger and fries.

Sam is making it his life’s work to make the Faultline successful. “It’s up to me to make it somewhere that people want to come back to.”


David Leland
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