After a couple of false starts because of the CSZU fire and subsequent COVID lockdown, Scotts Valley native Kyle Hardwick’s MoveStrong Chiropractic office is picking up steam.

Located in the Kings Village Shopping Center at 230D, MoveStrong shares office space with PerfectUnion Gym.

“I like to give patients exactly what they need,” says Kyle, 30. “From moving less to moving more and from pain to less pain.”

The Journey to Healing

Kyle went to Baymonte Christian School before beginning at Scotts Valley High School. It was there during math class that he met his wife Kailey (formerly Payne). This June they welcomed their son Bohden, which means God’s Gift.

Following graduation in 2009, Kyle attended Cabrillo College where he became a football standout. He then matriculated to the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Physiology, which emphasizes whole-body function, and its applications to human health and disease.

While he wasn’t exactly clear how he wanted to utilize his education, Kyle always appreciated the sports-injury related treatments he had received from Dr. Hinde, a local chiropractor. “He always helped me,” says Kyle. “I always knew I wanted to do something in healthcare.”

Immediately following graduation from UC Boulder, Kyle entered chiropractor school and finished a four-year course in only three years.

Kyle Opens his Scotts Valley Office

From the onset of starting his practice, Kyle knew he had a different approach. Most people may believe that chiropractic work is just cracking backs. No so. “We’re not your traditional chiropractic office,” he says.

Instead, Kyle combines the most innovative chiropractic and rehabilitation techniques to create a personalized treatment program to meet his patients’ goals.

“It’s movement-minded strength and conditioning,” says Kyle, who is a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Kyle uses movement assessments, manual therapies, pain education, and corrective exercise, to treat and correct the problem rather than focusing on the symptom alone.

“I’ve never seen a chiropractor that treats you like I do,” he says. “Most people see the uniqueness in my approach.”

An emphasis is placed on relieving pain to create a window of opportunity to train the body to move in a way the prevents pain from returning.

Conditions Treated at Movestrong

Head, spine, and pelvis. Problems in this area may be caused by decreased joint mobility, muscle imbalances, or nerve dysfunctions. Upper extremities. This includes the shoulders, upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, and hands. Typically, patients have an acute injury or chronic repetitive stress.

Lower extremities. This includes hips, thighs, knees, lower legs, ankles, and feet. Because these points act as shock absorbers for daily activities, problems can be painful and manifest themselves in other areas of the body.

Content in Scotts Valley

These days Kyle continues participating in athletics by playing rugby with the Aptos Beach Dogs. The team travels around the state and enters various tournaments.

Besides rugby and helping patients, Kyle enjoys playing with Bohden, hiking and spending time with his immediate family, who all reside in Scotts Valley.

“We all enjoy Scotts Valley and our community,” he says.

Kyle can be reached at 831-531-7383.

David Leland
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