The San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) has completed important upgrades to its Blue Ridge Tank, tripling the water storage available north of Boulder Creek, near the Redwood Grove neighborhood.

The four-month, $887,745 project replaced an aging, undersized redwood water tank with a new, larger steel tank. The new 120,000-gallon tank is constructed of bolted steel. It’s nearly 30 feet in diameter and more than 32 feet tall.

The work is part of the SLVWD’s “Safeguarding San Lorenzo Valley” project that includes more than $13 million in crucial pipeline infrastructure and water tank replacement projects aimed at enhancing the water system’s reliability and improving support for firefighting. In June 2023 the District was awarded a $4.5 million dollar grant through the Department of Water Resources’ Urban Community Drought Relief Grant Program to replace & upgrade six tank sites throughout the District’s water system. The Blue Ridge tank is the first to be completed through this grant funding.

The Blue Ridge Tank has been filled with water and is now being used to supply District customers in the region.

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