The challenges of the past two years have led to many changes. Telecommuting has provided options to continue work at a safe distance and providing more flexibility, however this has also brought various challenges.

Recently Salesforce, a San Francisco based software company, announced they’ve entered into a partnership with 1440 Multiversity located in the Redwoods of Scotts Valley. 1440 Multiversity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit philanthropic campus and learning destination committed to creating hope for living well ranked in top 11 wellness centers in the world.

Salesforce employs over 72,000 employees with offices in most countries around the world. During the past two years, like many in the workplace, they’ve worked remotely. Salesforce has hired tens of thousands of employees during the pandemic. They have grown and enjoyed much success the past two years. Although employees have appreciated the flexibility of working remotely, they realized something was missing.

Employees hired during the pandemic have never met their manager or their teams in person. Many existing employees hadn’t seen colleagues face-to-face in two years. Finding ways to connect was the number one thing Salesforce employees asked for in a recent survey. They wanted to bring back the spontaneity and joy that comes from being together in person. Working to address these concerns led to a partnership with 1440 Multiversity.

In support of the Salesforce endeavor, “Trailblazer Ranch at 1440” was launched that includes 1440 educational initiatives. 1440 and Salesforce will co-create employee engagement programs that help inspire and enrich the world, applying joint research and learnings to future programs. Starting in March, Trailblazer Ranch 1440 will host onboarding, trainings, skills building and talent development to bring its employees together to connect in person.

This collaborative work will result in a research study that will be used to provide information and best practices for other organizations to strengthen corporate culture, right action, community involvement, corporate social responsibility and employee wellness. The study will be published for public benefit and use. It is hoped that the study will result in a toolkit for leadership, social change and flourishing.

Salesforce puts a priority on giving back, their core values include trust, customer success, equality and sustainability. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has been around for 22 years and has a model called the 1-1-1 model. They give 1% of company profits back to the community, 1% of software is given away at no cost as part of their non-profit education program and employees give 1% of their time in the community. Each employee is strongly encouraged in a positive way to volunteer. Employees are given time off and benefits to volunteer.

There is a huge push around philanthropy. At an individual level, employees are also encouraged to give back to projects they care about. There is donation matching for worthwhile organizations. There are ways to give back to communities that employees live in and as a company, they give back on a large scale. Salesforce gives a large amount of grants to education organizations, schools, hospitals and more. This philanthropy is a legitimate part of the culture which is one more reason the City of Scotts Valley is thrilled and proud to partner with Salesforce and 1440 Multiversity.

When searching for a location for Trailblazer, in addition to an accessible location, the company has a strong brand presence around nature and sustainability. It was important to find a location that was green, sustainable green in the ecological sense as well as the outdoor sense. There aren’t many places that are like Scotts Valley with Redwoods, the Mountains and access to the beach. Specifically, 1440 Multiversity is a beautiful unique facility, providing the tranquil peaceful experience that’s a priority for Salesforce. Guests will be transported in smaller groups so not to negatively impact the neighborhood.

Trailblazer Ranch at 1440 will create approximately 100 new jobs in the community. Not only will the additional guests benefit the local economy, the social sector will also get a boost as well with volunteering opportunities for Trailblazer. The City of Scotts Valley looks forward to this partnership and working with Salesforce and 1440 in helping quantify what the post pandemic workplace will look like.

“Trailblazer is an exciting program with global implications of the future of work,” said City Manager Mali LaGoe. “Scotts Valley is fortunate to be the home of 1440 Multiversity where this research study will take place. The idea of Scotts Valley serving as a place for wellness and growth to Salesforce employee builds upon what 1440 has already established through its programs for the last five years.”

In addition to hosting Trailblazer at 1440, 1440 Multiversity will continue to welcome guests for public programming on select dates, along with philanthropic advocacy programs – these learning opportunities will be listed on the 1440 website as they become available.

The City of Scotts Valley is blessed to have both 1440 Multiversity and Salesforce a part of our community.