Scotts Valley Water District customers can win prizes — including water bill credit — for reducing water use by 15% over last year!

Join the Summer 2021 Water Saving Challenge that gives the Scotts Valley Water District (SVWD) customers the opportunity to win prizes for reducing their water use this summer.

The Water Saving Challenge is happening now! The four-month program encourages potable water customers who have had water service from the District for at least one year to reduce water use by a minimum of 15% from the same period last year. There will be a monthly raffle for customers who meet the eligibility and achieve the reduction target.

One prize winner will be announced in each of the months of June, July, August and September, and will be awarded either a $100 water bill credit or a choice of gift certificate to a Scotts Valley business. One grand prize will be raffled off at end of the Challenge, with the winner selected from among the customers who participated in all four months. The grand prize winner will receive either a $500 water bill credit or a choice of a gift certificate from a Scotts Valley business. Full details here.

The Summer 2021 Water Saving Challenge aims to help reduce District-wide water use this summer. The District declared a Stage 2 Water Shortage this spring as the community and much of California experiences serious drought conditions.

“We want to show appreciation for customers who lower their water use by at least 15% from last year,” SVWD Manager Piret Harmon said. “This season we received only 40% of average rainfall and the year before, only 50%. Because we cannot predict if next year will also be dry, we must prepare now and slow our water use to preserve our water supply.”

To further highlight the need to be efficient with water and reduce water use, the District’s Board of Directors declared May as Water Awareness Month.

“Water is basic and essential to life, and vital to our region’s people, animals, ecosystems and economy,” the District proclamation stated. “Scotts Valley Water District, along with the entire State, is experiencing its second consecutive dry year, with most of the state currently in drought conditions.”

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