The Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency, formed in 2017 to comply with California’s new Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, will hold the second seminar in its three-part educational series on Saturday, Feb. 9. The event will focus on balancing water needs with a keynote address by Assemblymember Mark Stone.

The education series, which began in January, aims to to engage and inform all people who rely on the water supply from the Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin. The Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin is the major water source for communities in the San Lorenzo Valley, Scotts Valley, the City of Santa Cruz and unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County.

Education series topics will include water supply, land development and population growth, groundwater and surface water management, and climate change. The meetings are being held the second Saturdays of the month from January to March at Felton Community Hall from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • February 9: Water Budgets: How Do We Balance All Needs?
  • March 9: Managing Groundwater: How Can We Prepare for an Uncertain Future?

The February forum, “Water Budgets: How Do We Balance All Needs?” will discuss Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin hydrogeology, provide insight into the relation between groundwater and surface water, and explore water budgets. Assemblymember Mark Stone will give the keynote address.

Each seminar includes a keynote speaker; break-out sessions where participants can engage with each other, water management staff and elected leaders; informational displays; and expert panel discussions.

The seminars are free to attend. Online preregistration is encouraged. Felton Community Hall is at 6191 Hwy. 9, Felton.

The first forum, “Land Use and Water: How Much Does Growth Matter?” provided information on land use planning and how it relates to the water supply. Review presentations made during that event.

The Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency (SMGWA) is a joint powers authority comprised of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District, Scotts Valley Water District and the County of Santa Cruz, to oversee the groundwater management activities in the Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin in Santa Cruz County, California. The agency was established in 2017. The Board of Directors of the SMGWA includes two board members from each of the member agencies, one from the City of Scotts Valley, one from the City of Santa Cruz, one from the Mount Hermon Association Community Water System and two well owner representatives. Learn more at or on Facebook.