Amee Sawhney is being honored for her incredible work in the community to bring inclusivity for all in addition to working to make this a welcoming place for everyone. She is currently working with a group of other outstanding volunteers to bring the 3rd Annual Multicultural Fair.
Her work is endless, it is not overlooked and it has touched and influenced positively so many people throughout our city.
Some fun facts about Amee…

Before coming to Scotts Valley, where did you live? What brought you to Scotts Valley and how long have you lived here?

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, went to college in Berkeley, medical school in Southern California, and then lived for years in San Diego, Rhode Island, and Texas, before settling in our beautiful Santa Cruz County.

We moved to Scotts Valley after living in Aptos for six years, because of its reputation for quality public schools, an improved commute, and better proximity to extended family. Our family has lived in Scotts Valley for over 10 years now.

What do you love most about living here?

I love the small-town feel here, and being nestled in the amazing natural beauty of mountains, redwoods, and gorgeous trails. Over the years, I’ve met some really special people here.

Please describe what drives and motivates you to do more for others and for the people of Scotts Valley. 

I felt there was a need for improvement in how individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds were embraced and welcomed in our town, and I found that there were others who also felt this way through their own observations and experiences.

I’m encouraged to see that most people living here believe in the inherent value of inclusivity and the richness that diversity brings to our society, and have the common goal of fostering environments where everyone feels respected, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or any other aspect of their identity. I found that I could use my voice and actions to bring awareness of difficult issues, support those in the community who needed assistance, and join forces with others to make change. I’m grateful to have been part of the Scotts Valley Multicultural Fair, now going into its 3rd year this May 4th; it’s such a wonderful example of the positivity that occurs when we collaborate on a school, city, and community level to appreciate and celebrate each other.

I also feel it is of paramount importance to state that there are many others in this community, not on this list, who are putting in equal or greater effort every day to better this community for others, simply because they feel it’s the right thing to do. I hope they know that they are also seen and appreciated.