Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County (BGCSCC) has completed a comprehensive energy efficiency and building performance energy upgrade to its 50-year-old downtown Santa Cruz Clubhouse at 543 Center Street. The upgrade results in the clubhouse now using only the amount of electricity it produces onsite through building performance optimization and use of solar electric energy generation. It is the first net-zero electric building in downtown Santa Cruz.

The project, made possible in part by a loan from Lighthouse Bank, was completed in partnership with Mynt Systems. The energy efficiency performance of the 20,000-square-foot downtown clubhouse was assessed and a plan was implemented to reduce the Club’s energy consumption by 58 percent. Consumption was reduced through the replacement of energy efficient LED fixtures and lamps, optimization of the indoor pool pump, heating, air conditioning and energy systems. Solar panels were installed on the roof to meet the energy demand of the remaining 42 percent.

The project cost $325,755 and is estimated to save BGCSCC more than $27,000 annually. The sum of the greenhouse gas emissions from the life cycle energy efficiency savings and solar energy produced is equivalent to 2561 tons of carbon dioxide, or emissions from 810 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled, or 5,693,063 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.

The retrofit included new:
●      32.85 kW roof-mounted solar system
●      LED light fixtures and lighting controls
●      Exterior LED lighting
●      Solar thermal pool heating system
●      Pool pump optimization, VFD installation
●      HVAC repair and optimization

“Our downtown building is a large space, featuring a community pool, and we use a lot of energy. Not only does this project ensure the longevity of our pool for our members and community groups, but as a net zero project, we are not adding energy demands to the electricity grid,” said BGCSCC Executive Director Bob Langseth. “We’re committed to being a good steward of our energy footprint and we are excited that the cost savings from this project can be directed back to programming for our youth.”

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