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Scotts Valley Massage Therapy

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Santa Cruz Physical Therapy
Physical therapy, sports medicine, personal fitness training, massage therapy, and orthopedic rehabilitation services for greater Santa Cruz County.

We are a locally owned and independent private practice serving greater Santa Cruz since 1995. The staff qualifications and the expertise of our physical therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers remain unparalleled in the Tri-County region. We invite you to stop by our office during business hours for a tour of our beautiful 2500 square foot facility and gym.

COAST Rehab Santa Cruz

We are an evidence based practice committed to providing convenient high quality, one-on-one physical therapy care in a friendly and caring atmosphere. We work with each patient individually and design a customized program that provides them the best opportunity for a speedy and optimal recovery.

Our philosophy is to integrate education and exercise in the treatment of the “whole” person. We expect patients to actively participate in their rehabilitation. Our goal is for patients to understand the mechanism of injury, how to facilitate an optimal and speedy recovery, and how to prevent the recurrence of injury.

Fabulous Life
408 805 6941
5435 Scotts Valley Drive
Transformational Health and Life Coaching. Need to lose weight, manage stress, or simply want to create a better and more proactive life for yourself, then I can help and guide you toward your goals.

As a Transformational Health & Life Coach, I understand how important it is to really get what you want and desire for yourself. Getting unstuck and going toward the life you truly desire. My coaching skills will help and guide you toward that goal. Whether it is for weight loss, health and wellness, stress management or simply finding new strategies to create the life you truly want and a new confidence in that discovery.

Health Coach Institute – USA
Tuesday 9 am to 6 pm/ Thursday 9 am to 6 pm.
Flying Crane Massage
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Scotts Valley Square Shopping Center, 245 Mt Hermon Rd
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Scotts Valley Massage Therapy

Hope Heal Thrive
P.O. Box 66325
Scotts Valley

I help people find optimum health & vitality through nutrition & supplementation. I use the Brilliant Body health assessment which targets the body system that is asking for the most help. This works by healing the body foundationally promoting the body’s natural desire to heal. Being a certified In.Form coach I also provide weight loss assessments, classes & coaching. The In.Form program will change the way you’ve looked at weight loss, teaching you how to burn fat & keep it off for life. I teach essential oil workshops where we learn easy recipes & blends for better health & non-toxic cleaning. I am honored & blessed to work closely with Patricia Adams at Healthy Lifestyle here in Scotts Valley, come attend her free class every Monday at 2:30. Don’t neglect your health, call or email me today, I would love to help you achieve your health & wellness goals!

By appointment
Martina Lin, Meditation and Coaching
PO BOX 214
Inner Alchemy
Meditation. Coaching and Metamorphosis

I support women who are longing for more, something more powerful and real in their life with a meditation based process and intuitive coaching strategy system.

I offer one-on-one coaching, speaking engagement and workshops/retreats.

Kara Seeger, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
5435 Scotts Valley Drive
Scotts Valley
Individual, group and couples counseling.

My name is Kara Seeger. I am an experienced licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who cares deeply about people and their struggles.

I am passionate about working with children of all ages. I offer compassionate and practical interventions to support children facing a variety of problems. While my approach, in its essence, follows the path developed through my advanced degree in counseling psychology, I have also had excellent results employing my love of art in a soothing and therapeutic manner.

I often use the creative process of art therapy in a manner that is healing and life-enhancing. While a child’s thoughts and repressed feelings may be difficult to put into words, he or she can often find a safe emotional outlet of expression through art therapy.

I enjoy working with teens who are struggling through adolescence. I have led social skills, grief, conflict resolution, and eating disorder group therapy for teenagers.

I also treat adults experiencing a wide range of emotional and relational difficulties. In addition, I provide therapy to families and couples in intimate relationships to nurture change and development.

Please call or email me to set up a consultation so we can begin the healing process. I look forward to helping you.


Monday thru Friday 9am – 6pm
Postpartum Doula Care-Beth Lilienthal
Postpartum Doula Care – Helping Families and their newborn once baby is home.

Non medical care for the newborn and family as they transition at home in the 4th trimester. Breastfeeding advice, help around the home, newborn care tips and tricks. Meal prep, baby organization, whatever the family needs so that parents can bond with their newborn and get some well deserved rest!

Certified through Doulas of North America
Postpartum Doula Care
Days and Nights
Rachel Cherry Acupuncture
216-A Mount Hermon Road
Scotts Valley, Ca 95066
Helping you live life to the fullest with natural options in pain relief and comprehensive healthcare.

Rachel Cherry L.Ac is a Chinese Medical practitioner specializing in Pain Medicine, Detoxification, and Weight Loss. Always utilizing the most advanced techniques in acupuncture and quality custom herbal formulations to help you achieve your goals in healthcare. Providing you with the information you need to make wise decisions about your health and spending the time needed getting to know you and the cause of your symptoms. We accept insurance and treat health at any age.

Monday, Wednesday, and by appointment
Saint Augustine Senior Companion
100 Bordeaux Lane
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Home Health Provider

Non-medical Home Health Provider serving people who need companionship at their most difficult time.

Santa Cruz Body Wraps
Santa Cruz County
Santa Cruz CA 95062

Have you tried those crazy wrap things? We have and It Works! Please see our website for more information about body wraps and other products.

Scotts Valley Massage
We are located at 16A Victor Square in Scotts Valley Junction Shopping Center next to Scotts Valley Market. To make an appointment please call: 831-439-8888

We specialize in traditional Chinese body massage and Deep Tissue body massage. The ancient art of Chinese massage has been part of the Chinese culture for thousands of years and now we can all enjoy it’s benefits. Lili & Sandy are Certified Massage Therapists and will help you recover from strenuous exercise, find relief from chronic aches and pains, maintain your well being or just enjoy the indulgence of a relaxing massage. Our masseuses will customize your massage to fit your individual needs. We look forward to serving you.

Thank you.

Services and Rates

30 Minute Body Massage: $35

60 Minute Body Massage: $49

90 Minute Body Massage: $69

120 Minute Body Massage: $90

Chair Massage Per 1 Minute: $1

Traditional Chinese Massage

Swedish Massage

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Gift Certificates Available

Discount Cards Available

$220 for 10 stamps. Each stamp good for 30 minutes of massage.

We will customize your massage to meet your needs. Please give the therapist any information you think will help them make the most of your session.

Thank you!

10:00 am-10:00 pm
Scotts Valley Nutrition
5435 Scotts Valley Dr, Ste B
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
High quality vitamins, herbs, supplements, essential oils & flower remedies

At Scotts Valley Nutrition we believe in educating our customers so they are equipped to make the best decisions for their greatest health. We love to help our customers achieve optimal health & lasting vitality. We only recommend & stock vitamins, herbs, supplements & essential oils that have proven purity & quality standards that exceed all other products found on the market today. You can be confident in the wealth of knowledge that is available to you with a Certified Herbalist, Certified Essential Oil Specialist & Nutritional Specialist ready to help you. Also, be sure to check out our partners at Back on Track Cranial Center & Healthy Lifestyle all in the same office! Come in & find out what makes us different!

Tues – Sat 10am – 6pm
Stephanie E. Dipietro, LAC
(831) 439-5145
5297 Scotts Valley Dr
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Scotts Valley Acupuncture

Tom Fong Acupuncture Clinic
(831) 438-7711
5435 Scotts Valley Dr
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Scotts Valley Acupuncture

16 Camp Evers Lane
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Nutrition Education and counseling

WiseBites is a place to learn about nutrition and how it can positively impact your life when you make the right changes. I provide guidance steeped in both emotional support and education. With the options of 1:1 counseling, a single lecture or a group workshop WiseBites can meet your needs. I also offer teens who are homeschooled an opportunity to dig deep into nutrition basics through

Business license 6832 SV
M-F 9 am -1:30 pm
Young Living Essential Oils
Spiker Lane
Santa Cruz
Experience the best essential oils in the world! Education, support and service.

Young Living offers the best essential oils in the world. Pure, therapeutic grade oils with top notch customer service, education and support from our web sites and closed FaceBook groups. Contact me today to learn more and get on the path to personal wellness!

Exhale Day Spa
(831) 600-7116
245 Mt Hermon Rd D
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Our therapeutic techniques, services, and products are based on these elements. The Ousia philosophy consists of five steps, designed to facilitate an integrated experience:

Insight – a personalized consultation to access specific needs.
Cleanse – the process of removing the accumulation of stress, strain, tension and sluggishness within the body.
Nourish – appropriately selected skin care products are applied to address your individual needs.
Transform – the curative part of the treatment process that begins the rebalancing of the cells.
Restore – the accumulative benefits of the previous steps, the end result being balance and harmony.

OneSource Compounding Pharmacy
(831) 535-6864
104 Whispering Pines Dr #105,
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

OneSource Compounding Pharmacy is at the Cutting Edge of Modern Medicine

We work with peer-reviewed journals and your doctor to fine-tune a therapy built uniquely for you. Prescriptions are made-to-order, catering to your preservative-free, dye free, gluten free or alcohol-free preferences. We offer custom strength and dosage forms, allowing for flavored liquid formulations of your child’s tablets that might be too difficult to swallow.

Compounding pharmacies are highly regulated, safe environments utilizing FDA approved ingredients. Our highly trained and certified lab personnel work in a state-of-the-art lab and sterile cleanroom facilities to bring you the safest, most consistent medications in the industry.

Optimal Movement Chiropractic
(831) 440-7845
5353 Scotts Valley Drive Suite E
Scotts VAlley, CA 95066


1) Identify the dysfunctional movement pattern, joints involved and whether the underlying cause is a joint, soft tissue, or stability issue (SFMA, Rocktape Movement )

2) Correct the associated joint and soft tissue mobility problems (Joint manipulation/adjustment, Soft tissue mobilization, IASTM, HMT)

3) Reload and Retrain the proper movement pattern with therapeutic exercises, stretching and Rocktape

We offer a wide variety of services including;

Restorative Therapy
(831) 888-7487
5523 Scotts Valley Dr Suite 2-12
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Family Therapy

(831) 207-6347
105 Whispering Pines Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066


SkinFit keeps your skin beautiful and fit at the same time. Our skin naturally glows when it is healthy so Karen developed SkinFit to do just that. Fitness and beauty for your skin — at Skinfit — the gym for your skin.