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Cafe Carbonero has grown to be one of Scotts Valley’s favorite places for lunch, during the week. On weekends they are not open, but hopefully there could be a change in thinking by the owner, Byron Gravelle, who opened the restaurant in the summer of 2012 after having been an executive chef for over 27 years. In speaking to Mr. Gravelle, economics played a big factor in whether to open on weekends, understandably so.

In a recent discussion on the My Scotts Valley Facebook page involving residents of Scotts Valley and surrounding areas, the question was if area residents and current customers would be interested in visiting the establishment if it was open on the weekends.

Well, if residents and current customers had their way, they would also be open on weekends as approximately 2,500 people viewed the post and it generated over 100 “Likes” and comments. Certainly giving everyone proof that you can’t have too much of a good thing. In addition, several menu suggestions were given by residents which Mr. Gravelle was kind enough to answer to and also consider on their future menus.

If you have not visited the place, it is really not difficult to find at all as you just take Disc Drive off Scotts Valley Drive and just follow the signs and in a short drive along Disc Drive, towards the end, you will see it in a commercial looking building on the left with tables and patios in the front.

Their address and phone number is:

Cafe Carbonero
915 Disc Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

I have visited the restaurant and have been very pleased with the quality of the food, as well as the taste and service. For more information on my review and more, go to their listing here on and give them your review and link to their website.

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