The City of Scotts Valley annual 4th of July parade will once again be held on Scotts Valley Drive from 3pm to 4:30pm. The route will be similar to last year’s with one small modification. The parade route starts at the intersection of Scotts Valley Drive and Carbonero Way, heads north towards El Pueblo Road and loops back to Carbonero Way where it ends (refer attached map).

A disabled persons’ parking and viewing area will be set up at Scotts Valley Car Wash.

Parade participants can pre-register by filling out the application form found on the City of Scotts Valley website

All parade participants must check in at the registration area at Bailey Properties (corner of Scotts Valley Dr. and Carbonero Way). Registration begins at 2pm. Participants will receive participation ribbons and directed to designated staging areas.

Due to the damaging of electronic equipment and classic cars, water spraying between parade participants and the crowd is not allowed. Please be respectful of other people and their property.

Road Closure – Scotts Valley Drive will be closed from just south of Carbonero Way to the intersection of El Pueblo Road.

NOTE: El Pueblo Road will still be accessible. Scotts Valley Drive will be closed from 2pm to 5pm.

Come join Scotts Valley in celebration of Independence Day with a spectacular parade that includes a fly over, mounted color guard, music, and surprise guests. Don’t forget to stay after for Scotts Valley’s Fireworks at Sky Park (361 Kings Village Road).