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Debbie Muth is a quiet influencer. She does not have to say much, her actions speak volumes including her contributi0ns and work for the Historical Society of Scotts Valley. This respected individual also wrote a book about the history of our city that is filled with incredibly interesting content. You can purchase your copy by clicking here.

Before coming to Scotts Valley, where did you live?

My husband, my son and I lived in Fremont, CA. before moving to Scotts Valley.

What brought you to Scotts Valley and how long have you lived here? 

We moved to Scotts Valley to buy our first house, an REO that had suffered slide damage in the heavy rains of 1980.

What do you love most about living here?

I love how people see a need and immediately step up to fix or better that situation. Just a few examples include establishing the Scotts Valley Multicultural Fair, collecting items for needy families during the holidays, or my neighbor fixing the potholes on the street and not accepting payment.

Please describe what drives and motivates you to do more for others and for the people of Scotts Valley. 

I like to use my talents and resources to make things better, I think that is a part of our higher purpose. In volunteering I can connect with other people in my community over things that matter.