A fundraising event has been set to take place on October 10th at Bruno’s BBQ to help the two families that will soon undergo a kidney donation and kidney transplant.

Both the donor and the recipient are long-time supporters of the Scotts Valley commUNITY and have been coaches for the Scotts Valley Little League.

Stan Wilson has been suffering from a kidney condition for several years now and he has been in need of a kidney transplant as his kidney function is below 10% at the time of this writing.

Amazingly enough, fellow coach and friend, Craig Yates offered a kidney to his friend Stan, not knowing if he was a match, and sure enough he was the perfect match. The odds of finding a perfect match are astronomical and Craig and Stan will soon be connected like never before when Stan gets Craig’s kidney on September 23rd, 2015.

The story is one that is made for the movies as all the stars had to align perfectly in order for things to progress to the point that they have, and now there is a fundraiser being put together to help both families with medical and loss of income costs while they both go through the procedure and recovery.

The event will be Saturday, October 10th at Bruno’s BBQ beginning at 5:30pm. There will be music, raffle prizes, along with wine tasting and dinner. Tickets will be $25 a piece and $60 for a family. For more information and to contribute to the event and to the funds that will be needed, contact one of the organizers of the event at:

Rita Snider
[email protected]

Please see below to read the letter sent to families involved with the Scotts Valley Little League, written by Rita:



Hi All Little League Families!
Two of our favorite Little League families, the Wilsons and the Yates, who both have a long history in the league of coaching, are about to embark upon something really amazing.

Stan’s  last year of coaching majors was two years ago… And he has been struggling with kidney failure for several years due to an injury many years ago. Most recently, his kidney function is below 10% and he is in need of an immediate transplant.

He and his wife Alison have been searching for donors for many months, and miraculously, Craig Yates, who ironically coached with Stan, happens to be the perfect match.  The odds of that happening are crazy.

Craig has amazingly offered to donate a kidney to Stan, and their surgery will be on September 23 in a couple of weeks at Stanford.

We are humbly asking our Little League community to become involved in the recovery for both Stan and Craig, not only because of their years of service, but mostly because they are amazing people who need our help. It is the hope of both Stan and Craig that they will be well enough to attend the event on the 10th.

The medical costs are astronomical, and both will have significant loss of funds for their time off of work
It was the idea of many to have a fundraiser for their families. We will be having a dinner, wine tasting, and live band at Bruno’s on Saturday, October 10, beginning at 5:30 PM.

We have many people in our wonderful Little League families pulling together to make this happen… But none of it will be successful without your attendance. The tickets go on sale this Friday for $25 a piece or $60 per family. We are also putting on a fantastic raffle with a wonderful prices to add to the evening. If you are unable to make the event, it would be so appreciated if you could donate your money toward the fund anyways.

Checks should be written to the Wilson/Yates fund.

Tickets should be pre-ordered… Or at least an RSVP to me so I know how many in your family to expect. Please email me at [email protected] or my cell 831-251-3419.

We anxiously await your reply… Never has there been a better time to pull together as a baseball community.

So gratefully,

Rita Snider