Lot’s of great information about the NEW middle school that so many people are asking, put together by John Abel.

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Measure A Passed – So Now What?

• SVMS students will be housed in the existing facilities through the 2014-2015 school year.
• Design Phase of Project will begin in late August or early September and expected to last six to eight months.
• Where will the students go when construction begins? That will be decided during the design phase. Parents will be consulted during the 2015-2016 school year while we work together on designing our new facility.
• Who will have input on the new facility? Participation will be encouraged via community meeting, regular school board meetings, via online surveys, and through subscribing to ongoing updates. Watch for more information on our website at www.scottsvalleyusd.org on the “facilities” page.
• Immediate next steps: During the June 24th Board of Trustees meeting, the Board Members will consider the following items related to Measure A.
• Project delivery method with regard to rebuilding the middle school – The Board will determine our next steps as to how we will select the project team (architect, construction manager, inspector and so on). These methods were presented to the Board during the April 22, 2014 meeting. You can see the presentation at: http://www.scottsvalleyusd.org/administration/documents/DeliveryMethodspres042214.pdf