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Mark Stone Endorses  Jack Dilles for Scotts Valley City Council

Assembly Member Mark Stone was among the many people who endorsed Jack Dilles on Saturday afternoon at Jack Dilles’ campaign kickoff.

Jack Dilles is offering a fresh approach to the  issues of open communication, strategic planning and responsible stewardship. He talked about building on his experience and expertise in City Government and Finance. HIs concern is the lack long term planning. He cited oncoming financial challenges, the ad hoc nature of development, and the lack of apparent engagement with the community.

“Change is coming to Scotts Valley whether we plan for it  or not. Will we deal with it in crisis? Or will we be prepared?”

“Healthy livable cities do not happen by accident. Careful planning that uses information, expertise, and imagination is required. Good government requires open communication and participation from its citizens,” Dilles emphasized. He championed town hall meetings and electronic outreach to citizens. He noted that the Scotts Valley General Plan has not been completely updated in 22 years.

“We are the stewards of the air, the land and the water,” Jack stated.

He then went on to explain the importance of maintaining roads and infrastructure both for safety and cost containment.  With over 60 people in attendance, support was enthusiastic for a change of leadership in Scotts Valley.

The event at Malone’s Grille  was attended by  many Scotts Valley  residents and by people from throughout Santa Cruz County who are familiar with Jack’s work  and professionalism. Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools Michael Watkins gave Dilles a ringing endorsement for both his professional acumen in finance and his personal character and integrity  Dilles serves on the Santa Cruz County Board of Education. HIs family was in attendance and his son, Nick Dilles, lauded his father’s  character.

“This is an uphill challenge. We will win this election conversation by conversation. It is time for a change of leadership in Scotts Valley,” commented Adele Gardner.

Jack Dilles serves on the Santa Cruz County Board of Education and has served as Finance Director of Morgan Hill, Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley. His family has lived in Scotts Valley for 22 years. Jack invites people who want to know more to  go to his website at

*This is not an endorsement for this or any other candidate. This is a press release as written and received by the candidate’s campaign.