There is no shortage of Preschool choices these days. They have been developed in a wide variety of curriculums to meet an array of children’s interests and parent values. However, Parent Co-op Preschools, a model in which parents are directly involved in their child’s education by volunteering in the classroom regularly, stand out among the rest. The efforts of parents and their direct involvement during the school day makes this parent participation preschool a unique educational endeavor and provides an essential support group for growing families. The preschool being highlighted in this article is the only non-profit parent co-op preschool serving the Scotts Valley community. It is Heart to Hearts Parent Involvement Preschool (HTHPIP).

Heart to Hearts PIP is nestled in Siltanen Park overlooking the playground and fields. It is a perfect setting for this unique and special school. Having 35 years of experience and passion for education, Director Donna Hardwick modeled the program after her mother-in-law’s school in San Carlos, Sequoia Parent Nursery School. HTHPIP is committed to providing a safe and happy environment where the parents can be involved in their child’s early education.

Since these parents come from all walks of life, HTHPIP allows parents to bring their unique teaching and parenting styles to produce a thriving, healthy, experience not just for the children, but for the parents as well. This preschool serves the community not only as a place to educate children, but serves to enrich parents through meaningful and supportive life experience discussions that go beyond the borders of the school. It encompasses and touches our everyday lives. This successful formula cultivates positive, healthy familial relationships, develops support groups and generates lifelong friendships. HTHPIP program is a perfect extension of our Scotts Valley community because it serves as the transition for our children from one important milestone to another with the support of their influential caregivers. It is these memorable milestones that imprint on our children’s minds (and parents) and will shape our community’s future.

“Over the years of being a parent and an educator, I have seen the need and researched the importance of the involvement of parents during the first five years of life. Of course our involvement doesn’t stop at age five , but lasts a life time. However, those first years are such tender, crucial years that fly by in a blink of an eye! I have also witnessed the benefits of a support system that will enhance the wonderful experience of parenting. Our program provides a vehicle to enjoy those years with our preschoolers and give them a solid foundation for their life adventures.” Donna Hardwick