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If you have been wanting a steakhouse in Scotts Valley, you may not need to wait too much longer as the “new” Malone’s is looking to spruce things up and give it a steakhouse and tap room feel. The new owners have unveiled some new items on the menu, brightened things up, did some renovating in the bar and they are serious about giving you a whole new experience, while still keeping some of the character that made Malone’s a local fav.
I went in today, because, you know, I have to take one for the team, and I can tell you that the place now has a different vibe and feel. Don’t get me wrong, I loved what Patti had and have always been a fan of Malone’s, but the new owners seem intent on giving you a different type of dining and entertainment experience and it is exciting for our town.
In fact, speaking of Patti, I was pleasantly surprised to see her come in and see her great big smile that Patti always has. She too was excited to see what the Fontana brothers, Taylor and Ryan, are doing to the place. More on Patti and more on the Fontana boys in a bit.
The feel is sort of a rustic look that they are wanting to have there. The bar has been redone, maybe not completely, but it has some nice editions including 16 beers on tap (see picture) and a brighter and more open feel.
The dining area is still very much the same with some cosmetic changes and brighter colors which is welcomed. One thing I really like is that you no longer have two entrances, one in the dining area and one in the bar as they closed the dining room door and now you enter from the bar area which I think is a great idea. In talking with Taylor, he was telling me how he wanted to make it all tie in together instead of having a feel of two different places. And it works!
The menu definitely has some changes, yet they have kept some of the things that made Malone’s famous such as their burgers. I had the “Hitchcock” burger which was outrageous in taste with Applewood smoked bacon, gouda cheese, jalapeño jam, onion strings and chipotle. It went so well together that I do not know if I will order anything else the next time I go in. The french fries are now the thinner ones, which were definitely good, although I am more of a steak fries kind of guy. But that is just a preference as the new ones were definitely delicious.
I thought that the coolest thing was the presentation and that was how they now brand an “M” on the hamburger bun. I know, I know, it is a small thing, but I thought it was a very nice and classy touch!
The total for my lunch was about $17 which is to be expected, with a quality lunch like this.
I ran into a couple of friends, Tim Johnson and Valerie Sims of Scotts Valley and they were nice enough to invite me to sit with them during lunch. Tim had the Smokin Barrels, which was a house smoked brisket sandwich that he was certainly pleased with. I will let him comment on it if he feels inclined to do so. Valerie had the burger and she seemed to also enjoy it, and she can certainly comment if she also wishes.
All in all, I just think that people are really going to love this place, the new look and feel, as well as the vibe that they have going on. I am looking forward to going there for dinner and also hear that the Korean Short Rib plate is the shiz-nit. (that means it is pretty good)…
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Now, getting back to the Fontana brothers… I really enjoyed meeting them and they were very pleasant, professional

and I could tell that they have a lot of plans going through their mind on what they want to continue to do. I actually have met Ryan previously as he came to one of my open houses not too long ago because he is also a real estate agent as I am, and it was great reconnecting with him again.


Ryan, Patti, Taylor, Robert

It was also very cool to see Patti Malone again. In speaking with her, although I am sure she misses the place “just a little”, it was great to hear her tell me how much more free time she now has and how much she is getting done around the house and just in general. Of course she will miss the place, but I am happy to see her be excited for the Fontana’s and also see her starting a new chapter after I believe 30+ years of running Malone’s. She will ALWAYS be Malone’s to me. 🙂

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All in all, I really am excited. I am looking forward to reporting back after the wife and I go there for dinner in the near future. In fact, something tells me this is going to be our next “date night” with her and I, and maybe a few other friends.


Robert AldanaRobert Aldana
20 Year Resident