Scotts Valley, CA — May 17, 2016 — Scotts Valley Water District, a regional leader in the
distribution of recycled water, will reopen its Recycled Water Fill Station on May 18 after a
seasonal closure this winter. The station will provide up to 250 gallons of free recycled
water to Scotts Valley customers two days per week for residential landscape irrigation.

First opened in August 2015, the Recycled Water Fill Station located on Kings Village
Road across from the Scotts Valley Senior Center was the first of its kind in Santa Cruz,
Monterey and San Benito counties. Thanks to a recent agreement with the City of Scotts
Valley, the District will now provide recycled water free to all District customers not just
City residents.

“Promoting the use of recycled water supports the sustainability of our water supply by
protecting our groundwater basin from overdraft,” said General Manager Piret Harmon.
“With the annual high-demand period for irrigation approaching, the community’s use of
recycled water for landscaping and gardening will help maintain the District’s residential
consumption target of 75 gallons of potable water per person per day.”

Recycled water is wastewater treated through multiple consecutive processes to a level
that meets California Department of Public Health quality and safety standards. In
addition to irrigation for landscaping, recycled water can be used to water fruit and
vegetable trees, as well as to wash down hard surfaces and control dust from
construction projects.

During four months of operation in 2015, the District distributed an estimated 75,000
gallons of recycled water at the Fill Station. Since 2002, the District has delivered more
than 575 million gallons of recycled water to customers, an amount equivalent to more
than a year’s worth of water used by the entire system serving 4,000 accounts.
Initially, the Recycled Water Fill Station will be open from 3-7 p.m. on Wednesdays and
8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays. The days and times of operation may be modified
based on demand and weather conditions. For more information about recycled water
use within the District, visit

About Scotts Valley Water District
Scotts Valley Water District is a public agency providing water service over six square
miles including most of the City of Scotts Valley and a portion of the unincorporated
areas north of the city limits.

The community of Scotts Valley places a high value on livability, innovation and planning
for the future. Scotts Valley Water District is proud to play a vital role in supporting those
efforts by providing a reliable, sustainable, high-quality water supply.
Through partnership with our community, strategic investment in resources and pursuit of
new ideas, Scotts Valley Water District is redefining its historic role in order to meet future
challenges and turn them into opportunities. Learn more about Scotts Valley Water
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