Water users asked to lower water use by 20 percent, limit outdoor irrigation to two days per week

The San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) announces that the Board of Directors voted to continue Stage 2 Water Restrictions to encourage customers to reduce water use by 20 percent from 2013 baseline averages.

The Board took action at its meeting Thursday evening to re-affirm the Stage 2 Water Shortage Emergency Plan (Ordinance 106), which requires water conservation, efficient use of water and prevention of water waste.

“We are taking these steps because the San Lorenzo Valley has experienced a dry rainfall year, receiving approximately 56 percent of normal rainfall, which affects stream flow,” said Brian Lee, general manager. “The 2012-16 drought also impacted groundwater levels for the already over-drafted aquifer the District draws water from.”

Under the Stage 2 Water Shortage:

  • Customers must limit watering days to twice per week before 10 a.m. or after 5 p.m., with 15 minutes of watering allowed per irrigation zone. Customers can select the two days per week that they water.
  • Hoses must be equipped with a shutoff nozzle.
  • Potable water cannot be used to wash down hard or paved surfaces.
  • Swimming pools cannot be initially filled or drained and refilled.
  • Restaurants can only serve water to customers upon request.
  • Hotels and motels must offer patrons the option to forgo daily laundering of linens.

The District is asking customers to reduce their water use by 20 percent per household through the summer. Water usage typically increases significantly on holiday weekends, and on the warmest summer days. These peak water use times will strain the water system.

“Our customers achieved as much as 40 percent conservation during the worst period of the last drought,” Lee said. “We commend them for that accomplishment, and are asking for their help once again.”



The San Lorenzo Valley Water District is located in the mountains of northern Santa Cruz County. The district serves more than 7,800 metered connections. Established in 1941, the district supplies water to the communities of Boulder Creek, Brookdale, Ben Lomond, Zayante, Scotts Valley, Mañana Woods, Felton and Lompico. For more information, visit www.slvwd.com or www.facebook.com/slvwaterdistrict.