The Santa Cruz Public Libraries’ Citizen Science program has embraced this year’s Summer Reading Program theme, A Universe of Stories. About 80% of all matter is a mysterious, invisible substance we call “dark matter”.

Dark matter is hard to study directly, but new tools in astronomy and astrophysics have created fresh opportunities for us to work out its properties.

Join UCSC Graduate Researcher Ben Lehmann, Ph.D. in a discussion about how gravitational waves give us a whole new way of looking at the universe. Dr. Lehmann will explain what we know about dark matter and black holes, what we don’t know about them, and how these two mysterious components of our universe can shed some light on one another.

Citizen Science is free and open to the public. Thursday, June 6th6:30-8 p.m. at the Downtown Library, 224 Church St. Learn something new the 1st Thursday of each month. A Partnership between UCSC, Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery, and SCPL.