Santa Cruz, CA – The Pop-Up Breakfast Series is here for another round. With a soft release on March 15th nearly half of the 2019 season tickets have already sold. The goal of these beautifully set, ticketed farm-to-table meals hosted at the Westside and Scotts Valley markets is to highlight our rich agriculture and food artisan community. The funds raised support the markets’ educational and food-access programs including the Foodshed Project. If you aren’t familiar with this series of community-building, culinary events see our photo album, check out this video clip and visit us for details.

These summer morning gatherings feature admired regional chefs and employ graduates of the Santa Cruz County FoodWhatyouth empowerment program. In 2019 we are thrilled to welcome two new chefs to the line up, Kenny Woods of 1440 Multiversity and Gema Cruz of Gabriella Café, alongside two of our seasoned favorites Katherine Stern and Kendra Baker. Upon arrival guests choose seats by placing their own plate and silverware at a space marked with a menu, a flower and a foodshed fact card. What two fruits were combined to make a pluot? Is eggplant an annual or perennial? What is the best way to ripen an avocado?

A local band serenades the newly arrived with old time Italian, Spanish and bluegrass standards while they drink a hot beverage and await the first course. At 10am plates of seasonal cuisine made with ingredients sourced from the markets begin rolling out. As the guests eat and visit farmers and chefs share their knowledge and perspective regarding agriculture, community and consumer choice within the food system. The first three Pop-Up Breakfasts are $45 per ticket. The last breakfast of 2019 is the Pop-Up Breakfast Benefit. The Benefit offers the features you love about this series with a unique twist, an unexpected act or item of thanks to acknowledge your gift. Priced at $75 per ticket, it is an opportunity to support the Markets on a different level.

The 2019 Line Up

June 29, Scotts Valley Market: Chef Kenny Woods of 1440 Multiversity

July 20, Westside Market: Chef Gema Cruz of Gabriella Cafe

August 10, Westside Market: Chef Katherine Stern formerly of La Posta Restaurant

September 14, Pop-Up Breakfast Benefit, Westside Market: Chef Kendra Baker of the Penny Ice CreameryPicnic Basket andSnap Taco

August 20 Menu with Katherine Stern formerly of La Posta

MARINATED ROCK COD with pickled vegetables, cucumber and crème fraiche
TOMATO AND ROASTED CORN SALAD with smoky eggplant and herb yogurt
FOGLINE FARM PORK LOIN with tonnato, capers, egg and arugula
GRILLED LITTLE GEMS with buttermilk dressing and breadcrumbs
SWEET FINISH Lemon verbena poached peaches, raspberry fool and cornmeal cookie crumb
TASTY BEVERAGES Courtesy of Eleventh Hour Coffee

• Featured photo by Carolyn Lagattuta