The Scotts Valley Parks & Recreation Advocates are reaching out to members of the Scotts Valley community for help in sponsoring the fireworks that will be held at Skypark on the 4th of July.

The Advocates receive funds and sponsorships every year, but due to some lean times for some business owners, the money has been a little tighter these past couple of years and this is the is the second year that they have reached out. Last year, the My Scotts Valley commUNITY rallied and both business owners and residents pitched in to make it a success, with one donor coming from as far as Florida. And this year the drive is on again.

Who’s Bill Is It?

A common perception is that the city is in charge of paying for this, but that is not the case. The funds are raised by the non-profit organization, the Scotts Valley Parks & Recreation Advocates, a 501C3 Non-Profit, which raises and distributes funds for many of the amenities that residents enjoy throughout town.

It should also be noted that all members of the Advocates are volunteers and there are no paid admins by the advocates. 100% of the money that is raised goes directly back to the parks and other projects for our community.

Some of the donations from the Advocates in the past and/or ongoing are:

  • New Van to transport daycare children to other activities for working families
  • Community Center upgrades like flooring, carpet, patio and landscaping
  • Siltanen Pool pool lift, lifeguard chair and umbrellas
  • Music in the Park
  • Movie in the Park
  • Skypark kid’s birthday tables
  • Benches and tables for all parks
  • Senior Center doors
  • Scotts Valley Little League equipment
  • Junior Golf Association
  • Stocking fish at Camp Evers
  • Skate Park upgrades
  • Dog Park upgrades
  • Park BBQ’s and shade structures
  • Soccer goals for Skypark
  • Plants for our parks
  • Scholarship money for classes and programs

These are just some of the things that the Advocates contributes to. So when there is a loss of sponsorship for the fireworks, money that goes to many of the above projects is taken away to pay for the fireworks.

SVCS Contributes to SV Advocates

SVCS Contributes to SV Advocates

Why It Works

Why have fireworks, you ask? Because the money that is raised from the thousands of visitors to the 4th of July event goes back to the the above projects which makes the fireworks necessary to help fund other local amenities for Scotts Valley residents.

So when money is raised for the fireworks, it is really raised for so many other things in addition to the fireworks that make the fireworks both necessary and important to all members of the community, residents and businesses.

Next time you are at the park enjoying the shade, the tables, the BBQ, or a swim with the kids at Siltanen Pool, or at an event at the Community Center, among many of the other wonderful things that you enjoy in our town, you should smile because your donations to the Fireworks made it all possible. It’s what commUNITIES are all about, UNITY and giving back.

Donating & Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in donating to the fireworks fund, please see the letter below for the various sponsorship opportunities from the City of Scotts Valley Parks & Recreation Advocates. Please note that although the three forms of sponsorship levels are $500, $1,000 and $5,000, which will get you more visibility on posters and other marketing materials, you can sponsor a lesser amount, or if you feel inclined you can sponsor a higher amount. Whatever your comfort level is. 🙂

If you are wanting to have me come by your place of business to pick up a check for the Advocates, I am happy to do so like I am doing for many local businesses, and even get you exposure to potentially thousands of locals! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and hope to see YOU at the 4th of July Festivities!

Robert AldanaRobert Aldana
Publisher & SV Resident
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Advocates Sponsorship Letter

Advocates Sponsorship Letter