Our Story!

LittleGirlBy Heidi Davis
Our story is about friendship, commitment, and the ability to make small changes in our lives to help those who live in poverty. During the Christmas break from Vine Hill School last December, I decided to take my two youngsters, Mars and Cassia ages 8 and 6, on a mission trip with Club Dust to Tecate, Mexico. Our trip transformed many lives including our own. Even though we successfully built eight homes for extremely poor families living in Tecate, impacting their lives in a positive way, the people of Tecate changed the way Mars and Cassia view the world. They learned about what really matters in life and how we can help others who really need it.

Our first day at the worksite began with an amazing connection. Cassia met a local six-year old little girl named Naemi Cabanas.  Cassia gave Naemi one of her toys that she wanted to donate and the friendship was instant. Over the course of three days Mars, Cassia and Naemi cultivated a lifelong friendship through playing, running, and laughing. The kids painted walls and furniture for the new homes. We shared tacos, ice-cream cones, many smiles and lots of hugs. When Mars and Cassia learned that Naemi’s family was not on the list to receive a new home built by the Club Dust foundation on this trip, their hearts filled with sadness. That sadness quickly turned into excitement when we learned that all we need to do is raise $6000.00, the cost of one home. So, Mars and Cassia have decided to raise money that will go specifically to building Naemi and her family a new home in June 2015.

How their hearts changed!
Mars and Cassia realized that we have more toys, clothes, food, and shelter than any one person in Tecate. They have committed to not asking for a new toy until Naemi has her home. They also decided to take a brown bag lunch to school instead of visiting the hot lunch cafeteria. We are all more mindful of reducing our consumption of unnecessary items. We reuse and recycle everything!

Why are donations necessary?
Club Dust is a not profit 503c organization that raises money to build homes for needy people in the border towns of Mexico. Please see www.clubdust.org for more information about mission trips. Tax deductible donations can be made on our secure website at https://app.snap-raise.com/fundraisers/2039

How are my donations used?
The money raised through Snap-Raise will go to Club Dust to build a house for a family of four in Tecate, Mexico. The Cabanas family will be so grateful for their new home. If Mars and Cassia reach their goal of raising $6000, they will be the youngest members of Club Dust to provide a home for a family in Mexico. We post all our fundraising efforts online. Follow us on Facebook and help us reach our goal!

How can you help?
Come to our garage sale, lemonade stand and bake sale on Saturday, March 21st from 7 am to 3pm. We will be setting up in the parking lot at the Four Square Church in Scotts Valley at 4001 Granite Creek Road. All proceeds go to Mexico.