Scotts Valley Police Department is offering safety tips to help make this Halloween a safe and enjoyable one:


• Cross streets only at corners and always look before crossing. Never cross the street from 
behind parked cars and walk facing traffic!
Trick-or-Treat when it is still light out if possible. Choose a costume light in color, put fluorescent or reflective tape on your costume, use a flashlight, and carry glow sticks.
Wear a costume that is easy to walk in and see out of. A face mask will keep you from seeing well. Take off the mask before crossing the street. Consider using make-up instead of a mask.
Trick-or-Treat with an older brother or sister, or parent. If someone older can’t go with you, go with a group of children.
Trick-or-Treat only in your own neighborhood or one that is known to you. Plan your route ahead of time and pick streets which are well-lighted. Tell your family the route you will take.
Pay attention to your surroundings rather than your electronic devices.
A reasonable curfew should be observed for older children. Scotts Valley’s city ordinance: 
”curfew hours” mean the hours between eleven p.m. and five a.m. for minors under the age of 
eighteen years.
Wait until you get home to sort, check and eat any treats. Do not eat candy or other treats that 
are not wrapped in their standard wrappers. If there is reason to suspect candy tampering, 
contact your local law enforcement agency.

Motorist tips:

• Drive extra carefully on Halloween. Be especially alert in residential areas, as children may appear in the roadway suddenly.
Drive defensively. Due to many private Halloween parties, there will undoubtedly be more drunk drivers on the road.
Drive slowly, anticipate heavy pedestrian traffic and turn your headlights on earlier in the day.