If you are an outdoorsman like me, you are constantly looking for new trails and places to explore throughout California. My family and I have driven thousands of miles to visit places that look like… Scotts Valley.

Trail SignThe fact is that Scotts Valley is full of many sights and treasures that many people do not know about. Many of them are right in our back yard.

A recent discovery are the trails that exist right behind the high school that lead down a beautiful path to a resting place called Eagle’s Nest. We recently took that trail when we sent out an invitation on our Facebook page and another family joined us.

Its easy enough to spot as you start your way behind the baseball field and work your way up towards the top of the hill, and then turn right (north) as you walk through the trail that seems to follow the edge of the high school and past the tennis courts. As you are walking, keep going north and you will see a main trail that seems to go through the valley and into a forest. At the opening, you will see a small sign (see image) with arrows pointing towards a wooded are. Make sure that you spot the sign as that’s where you want to start off.

As you walk the trail, keep your kids close to you as there are a few areas where the walking area is thin and the fall down could be quite an unpleasant situation. There is also a fair amount of poison ivy throughout the trail, so make sure that you know what it looks like and stay away from it.

For those of you who may not want to take on too much of a walk, there are many small trails that take you out of the wooded ares and back towards Glenwood Drive, just north of the high school. I always suggest carrying a gps system with you at all times. Many people have them built-in their phones. Its always a good idea to know where you are at all times not only to know how to navigate your way out, but also in case of an emergency.

Stay on the path for about 3/4 of a mile and follow it through the trees and you will begin to descend about 1/4 mile down to a resting spot called Eagle’s Nest. At the spot there are picnic tables and other great places for you and your kids to roam.

There also appears to be other sporting activities that may take place on occasion, as there are cable and other type Eagles Nestof equipment in the area, but it is best to leave the cables alone.

The total hike and walk is probably just over a mile each way from the opening of the trails to Eagle’s Nest. It is not too difficult of a hike at all and really is a lot of fun for people of all ages and conditioning. If you are feeling adventurous and want to keep going, you can do so and you will probably end up at Bean Creek Road at some point, but make sure you know where you are going as you could be venturing off into private property.

I personally like going out towards Glenwood Drive about halfway when I am making my way back up as the view of the high school and Scotts Valley is breathtaking and there is also a bench at the top of the hill, close to Glenwood DriveĀ  towards the high school that you can sit in and enjoy the view.

So take your kids, take your dog, take your lunch and take a hike to Eagle’s Nest. And don’t forget your camera because there is sure to be some great picture taking opportunities.

If you do, please post your pictures!

Robert Aldana