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It is hard to put into a paragraph or two the accomplishments and accolades of Tricia Montalvo Timm. A successful corporate attornety who has led mergers including negotiating hundreds of millions of dollars in her career, Tricia is also a first-generation Latina who has overcome the obstacles that are placed on not only women, but women of color and she has not just overcome, but conquered.

I told you, I can’t write in a couple of paragraphs what Tricia brings to the table and the incredible influencer that she is. I will  just ask you to read her powerful book that she recently released, “Embrace the Power of You”, and be inspired. More info about her book and about Tricia can be found at:

Without a doubt, Tricia is a TOP 10 Positive Woman Influencer for 2024.

Before coming to Scotts Valley, where did you live?

I was born in Los Angeles, CA to two immigrant parents. My mother is from El Salvador and my father is from Ecuador. I lived in Hollywood until I was around 6 years old when my parents decided to move me out of the city and into the accompanying suburb of San Fernando Valley for access to a better education.

What brought you to Scotts Valley and how long have you lived here?

I have lived in Scotts Valley for 21 years. I started my career as a corporate attorney in Palo Alto, CA. After a few years of the intensity of Silicon Valley, we realized that we wanted to be closer to the beach/nature to get a better balance and initially moved to Aptos. But, then I was commuting from Aptos to Menlo Park for about a year and that took about 1 1/2 hours each way and it got exhausting! When I had my first daughter, I wanted to be at home more and found a job as Corporate Counsel at Borland Software. That is when I discovered Scotts Valley. We moved shortly thereafter.

What do you love most about living here?

There are so many things! I always call Scotts Valley the “secret jewel.” I love that we are surrounded by redwoods and hiking trails, 10 minutes from the beach, and a short drive to Silicon Valley. It feels like the best of all worlds! I also love the small community feel. Everybody is looking out for everybody. From when our kids were little with carpools and bake sales, to supporting our small businesses during the pandemic, to helping our seniors – we have been surrounded by a community who deeply cares.

Please describe what drives and motivates you to do more for others and for the people of Scotts Valley.

As a first-generation Latina, I always felt like the “other” in the room. It was tough being the “only” in the room – from being the only woman to the only working mom in leadership to the only person of color – it felt very lonely and isolating. Right now I am driven to try and create more spaces of belonging so that others don’t have to feel that way. In 2020, I decided that we needed to do more right here in our own community to create a more inclusive culture, especially for our kids. We (Derek and I) have been advocating and championing for programs at the school and the City to help educate and foster a sense of belonging for everyone. I want everybody to feel like they belong and that their identity is cherished and valued here in Scotts Valley.