Valley Gardens, a long standing 9 hole golf course in Scotts Valley is closing on December 31st as they have been advising and notifying customers. A call to Valley Gardens was made and an employee who answered the phone confirmed it.

Such a bummer. But from what I understand and have been told, it was not very profitable and at some point something has to give. And I wish them the best.

Get your clubs and head out before it’s gone.

What’s next? Time will tell. Talk of a housing project there has been ongoing and Roberson Homes has been doing their due diligence to see if that is a possibility.

Tell you what, I’m gonna hit that course at least two or three times before the end of the year. This community is going to miss it being there, I’m sure.

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Robert Aldana
Publisher – My Scotts Valley
Scotts Valley Resident