As a resident of Scotts Valley since 1996, I love this town and care about what happens to our neighbors and city. In the year 2013 that we are in, I think it is time that we ALL get connected and become more acquainted with one another. Whether it is a community event, a gathering, a garage sale, our local school winning another championship, a lost dog or cat or a neighborhood alert, post it or read about it here!

One of my goals as the creator of MSV is to promote local businesses along with other community organizations. Don’t be surprised to see me in a local restaurant or event videotaping it so that it can be shared here along with our page on YouTube (coming soon). Let’s have some fun!

By the way, we also have a Facebook page at for those of you on FB.

Tell a friend and tell a neighbor of Scotts Valley that we are here and we are now connected!

If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them. It is after-all, ALL OF OUR COMMUNITY. If you want to speak with me directly, call me at 831-252-3959.

Looking forward to hearing from you, sharing with you and reading your posts.


Robert Aldana
Founder of

Scotts Valley Resident & Neighbor since 1996