Nothing like eating your own fresh grown tomatoes with dinner or eating fresh hatched eggs that are so tasty, once you eat one you will never want to go back to store bought eggs. It’s fresh. It’s organic. It’s healthy.

But it aint cheap! It’s not break the bank expensive, not in the least, but if you do it to save money you probably won’t be saving too much but rather spending more than just going to the store.

Growing your own vegetables and raising your own chickens for fresh eggs has never been about the money. In fact, we are probably paying $3 for a piece of squash. We are probably paying about $1 per egg once we factor the time, the chicken food and supplies.

But just the thought of knowing that you are eating fresh and contaminant free food seals the deal for me. My kids get enough things throughout the day that stresses me out when they put it in their mouth and if I could just do whatever I can to make sure it is as clean and as healthy as possible, I’m game! Plus, nothing like seeing our kids walk through the garden and pick fresh strawberries or go to the chicken coop to retrieve fresh eggs daily. That in itself is priceless!

It really just started with a couple of garden beds for us that my wife asked me to build. Before you knew it, we now grow our own herbs, veggies and even corn that we can’t wait to eat before the gophers do.

I think that a how-to video is in order that we will put here on MSV so that you can see what we did and how you too can do it yourself. You may not save money by growing your own food, but we are talking about our bodies and our kids bodies and health. It always amazes me how we many times take better care of our cars and our laptops then we do our own bodies.

Consider reading as much as you can about what we are eating everyday and I can assure you, you will get creeped out and wish you hadn’t known what you have been eating. Then reality will set in and you will be glad you did some research and hopefully will apply what you learn towards a more healthier and happier lifestyle for you and your family!