In a fun and engaging 2nd Annual MSV Christmas Lights Contest, the community and the judges have spoken and have awarded 2580 Bean Creek Road as the winner for 2014.

The home, owned by Danielle and Tim Woods, was a fabulous display of lights, music, ornaments and was the talk of the neighborhood and town. The Woods’ estimated that it takes them about 60 hours to put up the display and connect all the lights that go on and off in conjunction with the music that is playing.

Pardon some of the video quality of the following video interview with the Woods, it was a last minute idea when we were there and we put my iPhone to use. But at least you can get a good idea of what it looks like.

The winner not only was the top vote getter with the judges, but it also received the highest rating on the 5 Star rating system which was voted on by the community, with a 4.87 rating.

The judges voted:

  1. 2580 Bean Creek Road
  2. 109 Lauren Circle
  3. 173 Oak Creek Blvd

The Judges

  • Dan Bowman – Associate Pastor at Gateway Bible Church
  • Bethany Grace – Scotts Valley Resident and Volunteer Extraordinairre
  • Monica Aldana – Scotts Valley Resident and President of the Vine Hill PTA

The Scotts Valley community voted:

  1. 2580 Bean Creek Road – 4.87
  2. 173 Oak Creek Blvd – 4.84
  3. 587 Skypark Drive – 4.64

2nd place winner 109 Lauren Circle, owned by the Clark-Arcangeli family is a fabulous home that had beautiful and tasteful lights and ornaments throughout the home. One of the favorite things of all three judges was a countdown that was prominently displayed above the front door.

3rd place winner 173 Oak Creek Blvd, owned by the Robinson family is so well lit that you find yourself in a daze from the lights and effects that were displayed, as well as the moving ornaments.

A contestant that kept coming into all three judges conversation was 587 Skypark Drive which was put together by Farrah Quinby. In speaking with her family, I was informed that she did the entire display by herself. WOW! That alone deserves recognition. But not just that, it really is beautiful and had it not been for so many wonderful contestants, it could have easily been at or close to the top. Don’t be surprised to see it again next year.

One of the coolest things I have ever seen in a Christmas lights display was the falling stars effects (see video below) at 217 Sunridge Drive. But it was not just that which made it stand out, it was also a fabulous display worthy of recognition and could have been a winner also.

Best Lit Neighborhood

The best neighborhood as voted by the judges was Granite Creek Estates (see 109 Lauren Circle above – 2nd place winner). It was chosen due to the high percentage of Christmas Spirit and decorated homes. Driving through Lauren Circle made you slow down more than normal just to look both ways all the way around the circle as trees and homes were lit-up everywhere you looked.

But it was not an easy call as Scotts Valley Heights (see 173 Oak Creek Blvd above – 3rd place winner) more than gave it competition. Two streets that really stood out in Scotts Valley Heights was Green Tree Way and Kentwood Court as many of the homes were so beautifully lit-up that you had to stop your car and just get out and walk around to take it all in.

The contest which was delayed for a short period due to the extreme weather conditions that we had in the area was met with a lot of enthusiasm and participation by not only 10 contestants, but more-so the enthusiasm that was shared in the Scotts Valley commUNITY as it became one of the most viewed posts on the My Scotts Valley Facebook page and also it’s sister site, this page being

Click here to see all the contestants along with maps…

On behalf of the My Scotts Valley CommUNITY, I would like to thank ALL of the contestants for being so generous in sharing their “masterpieces” with us. I would also like to thank all of the commUNITY for making this an enjoyable experience and for being respectful of people’s property. With the exception of a couple of minor incidents, I think that this year’s contest and overall Holiday Spirit was wonderful. I am really looking forward to any suggestions that you may have to improve it each and every year, and I look forward to continuing the tradition for many years to come!

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