TONIGHT: EVERYONE is welcome to come share in some holiday spirit from 7:00-9:pm at Steel Bonnet Brewing Company here in Scotts Valley.

Sip on some local brew while getting your holiday shopping done and giving the gift of preschool to local children.

*20% of all proceeds will go directly back to Heart to Hearts preschool.

Light snacks and desserts will be provided and drink can be purchased through Steel Bonnet.

*Steel Bonnet Brewing Company is at 20 Victor Square, in the Scotts Valley Market Shopping Center, to the right of Carl's Jr.

BY THE WAY: My kids went to Heart to Hearts PIP (preschool) and it was the BEST experience while making life long friends! More info on them at:
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At tonight's city council meeting, council member Dene Bustichi stated that we need to start limiting commercial on SV Drive and put more affordable housing type units in as there seems to be enough commercial on SV Drive, if we as a city want to put more "affordable" housing in our town.

He stated that this should be worked on as part of the revised and updated general plan for the city.

You say?
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Meganne FossNo way

1 day ago

Matt ClarkIf developers want to pay the bill to rebuild Vine Hill School and Brook Knoll School I say fine. Dene surprises me with this because he told me not too long ago that commercial IS the way to grow as it brings far more revenue to the city without putting stress on our services - and that residential developments are a wash.

1 day ago   ·  2

Marilyn Bates-NolanUh,....I say NO. We need more shops and restaurants on SV drive.

1 day ago   ·  8

Lisa BustichiRobert, I had to leave early for another meeting so may have missed it, but regarding the Dunslee Way project did anyone address the issue of three story buildings and a Fire Department with no ladder truck?

1 day ago

Christina ElettricaI think we should work on beautifying the commercial that is already there. Most seems dated and not well organised to bring foot traffic or other spontaneous customers.

1 day ago   ·  3

Jordan DodgeWe need both. More housing but more local businesses. This place has 1 BBQ joint, 2 Mexican restaurants, 1 burger place, and a dozen sushi restaurants. No Italian food and no fine dining. How about some classic america cuisine?

23 hours ago   ·  6

Gloria CarruthersI spoke with a local pasta provider in SV and asked why, for the most part SV only has fast food joints and very few decent restaurants. His response was that people from Santa Cruz will not come to Scotts Valley to eat as we have nothing to offer. This is not acceptable as we are a beautiful community. Sadly however, it's the truth. I've lived here for 21 years and there have been promises of a town centre since the day I came here that would provide a central point to the community including eateries. After 21 years nothing has happened to bring this to fruition so I guess we're stuck with fast food joints. What a missed opportunity that perhaps the City Council could address.....

23 hours ago   ·  3

Charles BurkeOne of the main reasons our family moved here 22 years ago was an unplanned visit to the Safeway store where I was very impressed with the clean store, helpful staff and nicest people I ran into. The town,at that time, gave me a feeling like I hadn't experienced since visiting Tahoe in the late 1960's. We pulled up stakes in Fremont ( that's another story entirely) and bought a house on Scotts Valley Drive. Just the other evening I visited Safeway and noticed how awful the experience was, no helpful staff, no one cheerful and I don't even want to mention how unsafe I felt in the parking lot. Dare I say I felt like a bunch of "colorful" people had migrated up from Pacific Ave in Santa Cruz. Dreadful. On a brighter side, what Scotts Valley needs are "destination" businesses. Two things in particular are a high end steakhouse restaurant and perhaps a family oriented sports bar( the best example ever is Firestone Grill in San Luis Obispo). Just sayin'.

20 hours ago   ·  1

Stephanie Lusk MucciaI remember 30 years ago Scotts Valley residents complaining of how many people were moving here and the current residents at that time wanted to stop them from moving here. I wonder if they stopped building homes back then how many people who are currently complaining about the growth and want it to stop would be living here today🤔

16 hours ago

Reg KittrelleThere comes a point when commercial development begins to cannibalize itself. For example, it seems the "Town Center" is on everyone's wish list. It's very new and spiffy self will attract higher-end business that will be able to afford the rents but will, in turn, kill off several existing businesses. The push for ever more commercial development comes from the city council (increased tax revenues) and the builders.

16 hours ago

Tim JohnsonDefine "affordable" and how it would stay that way.

15 hours ago

Kathie Vierra WeigandtSV Drive is a mish-mash and a mess. Also, Mt. Hermon needs attention, especially the property to the right as you drive in to Scotts Valley (before Glen Canyon). That property is a complete eyesore, with garbage strewn all over, old cars etc. I haven't ever seen an attempt to clean this mess up and can only imagine the envieronmental impact it is having. Look at the back side and it's horrific!! Will anything ever be addressed ?????

15 hours ago

Mikey BradleyWe need something for kids, and teens. Tired of seeing children having nothing to do in there home town. It creates boredom which leads to smoking pot and drinking alcohol. Get a ice rink. Get a water park, or something. How about a swimming pool.

14 hours ago   ·  3

Mikey BradleyBowling

14 hours ago

Mikey BradleyPaintball

14 hours ago

Marsha Edwards BrandtI have only lived here for 4 years but was shocked at the lack of diversity and affordable housing. Obviously, this is a small town that wants to stay white with only people who make high incomes. History tells us that towns like SV will begin to lose its youth and not met the needs of a changing State.

10 hours ago   ·  1

Mikey BradleyAnd can we get an alternative education system please, for those who don't fit the mold

5 hours ago

Caroline Roberson Van EsRoller hockey was the best, really miss that for the kids.

40 minutes ago

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One question that was brought up to Piret Harmon at tonight's City Council meeting where she is doing a presentation is, (Ms. Harmon is GM of the SVWD), what will happen once those $50 million projects are completed and paid for in the next 5 years via our raised water rates, why can't rates come back down to where they are now? It's a good question because if we are being asked to pay higher rates to pay for these projects, why would we need to continue to pay higher rates once the projects are paid for?

Her answer: No certainty that rates cannot come back down after we have paid over the next five years $50 million that is needed. Or, they could have rates stay flat for a while, or could be used to replenish our reserves that we currently are short on. Right now we have $3 million in reserves.

You say?...
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Wade LeishmanSorry I missed the meeting... but I have zero doubt they will find more projects to spend OUR $ on, or increased headcount, or raises for staff, or even more benefits for the Water Board members or something else.... Piret and another Water Board member told us flat out that any future rate decreases would be VERY rare and highly unlikely. They also described to us that the first year increases (the 25%+) was primarily to get the reserve funds back and debt ratios, etc where they needed it to be after dipping into the reserves the past 2 years due to water conservation... The $24Mil (not sure where the $50Mil # is now coming from) in planned projects(some of which I'm not convinced are MUST HAVE, or a must have in the next 5 years) were more paid from the year 2-5 of the proposed rate increases (which they also "claimed" they would review and vote on each year based on actual revenue), based on the fiscal year and when they actually would see the added revenue. So it sounds like the story is shifting (again) and they wonder why we have a hard time believing them when they tell us that this is "Maximum" increases they can ask for but "trust them" that they might not actually raise to that maximum %... Yah Right! They are asking for a "blank check" and there is very little what we can do about it unless nearly 2500 parcel owners write a letter to object by this week or next, which they also know has a very slim realistic chance of happening.

1 day ago   ·  9

Brian BeddellAs though the rates arent among the highest in the country already. Its Tap Water not Evian...

1 day ago   ·  3

Brian BeddellIf u cannot make it with the funds you have it will be the same in another 5 years.... .

1 day ago

Kathie Vierra WeigandtStop with the new housing and hotels. We're bursting at the seams!!!

1 day ago   ·  1

Lisa BustichiI say this is 100% unacceptable!

1 day ago   ·  7

Dennis PramstallerWhy hasn't the Water Dist. budgeted for capitol improvements over the last 30+ years? Why have they waited to the last minute until capitol improvements are at crisis level? It's not like this is new information. There have been thousands of new homes developed here within the city limits over that last 30 years. I don't understand why some of the new water meter fees were not set aside for capitol improvements all along? This strikes of incompetance at the board of directors level.

1 day ago   ·  4

Julie KuoTo Ms. Harmon - What do you think is the fair thing to do to all the tax payers in SV?

1 day ago

Debra RobertsLike the old parable of the miller who put honey in the bottom of his measuring bucket. Once your dollars are in someone else's hands, they usually stay there. There is always a reason to keep increasing costs.

12 hours ago   ·  1

Steve SmithWhy are such expensive projects even needed in Scotts Valley?

12 hours ago

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Happy 18th Birthday to the Scotts Valley branch of Bay Federal Credit Union! Love that bank, love that branch, love their people! ... See MoreSee Less

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Reality set in today when while playing basketball during lunch with the guys, I was alone close to the basket and one of my teammates tossed me a pass, a soft lob over defenders. As I go up, I trip over what I am thinking must be my shadow and go tumbling down.

Man... Bummer.
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