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Super cute single-family house on a spacious cul-de-sac lot with amazing views of Scotts Valley! Upgraded kitchen with beautiful cabinets and granite counters, along with upgraded master bath.

All bedrooms are spacious with lower bedrooms giving access to decking. Lots of vaulted ceilings with skylights bring in the sunshine, and the flowing and functional floorplan give it a much bigger feel then 1,850sf.

You get top ranked award winning Scotts Valley schools, a short drive or bike ride to state parks, a 15 minute drive to the famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and a 30+ minute commute to Silicon Valley!

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My Scotts Valley shared Bumblebees by the Sea's Grand Opening in our new location.

Bumblebees by the Sea is having a Grand Opening in their NEW LOCATION at 222 Mt Hermon Road, Suite I, this Saturday starting at 10am. They are to the left of Rita's Ice.

If you have went to their previous location on Scotts Valley Drive recently, you no doubt saw that they were not there as they moved to their new location in the beginning of March. Check out their new store, its like TWICE the size of their previous one which means TWICE as many awesome and amazing things to buy and gifts to pick up. 🙂
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Grand Opening in our new location

Mar 25, 10:00am

Bumblebees by the Sea

Stop by this Saturday March 25 from 10-6 to check out our new location in King's Village Shopping Center 222 Mount Hermon Road Suite I ( next to Erik's Deli). Meridian Jewelry will be at Bumblebees al...

Bumblebees by the SeaAre you as excited as we are for a trunk show Saturday by Meridian Designs? We love love love their jewelry. Stop by Saturday and meet the amazing couple behind these unique creations. You won't be disappointed!

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Getting reports of a video making the rounds on social media about a fight that recently broke out at the Skate Park that many describe as disturbing. And also getting numerous messages from parents wanting to know what is going on, their concerns about letting their kids go to the Skate Park and the constant language and behavior that they witness when they are there with their little ones.

So can we have a comUNITY discussion about this? Mainly, what are the main issues there, and how we can all address is together.

It is such a great attraction and destination spot for many kids, aside from the above, and I hate when I get messages from parents when their little ones were subjected to obscenities, intimidation, etc.

Without pointing fingers, please, what is your take on the situation and how would you go about creating a better and safer environment there?
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Mike TauschThank you for posting this and opening the discussion. We were out of town when the fight happened but my son heard about it through a friend. Now as parents we are apprehensive about letting him go to the park which really stinks because it can be such a great place.

10 hours ago

Jane Hansen GalebI have complained about this before, out of concern. Some children are going in the wooded area across the street to smoke something? I believe more police presence would help.

10 hours ago   ·  3

Dick McGeeFights there are rare. Regarding language, etc. it's a hard one to control. They are skateboarders and many of the folks causing the problems are not from around here.

10 hours ago   ·  2

Stephanie Robertson GutierrezI just got my 9 year old a new scooter for his birthday, and was excited to bring him to the skate park. Now, I am feeling nervous.....

10 hours ago

Katie RylanderWhile its an outdoor area, it's still a public park with rules and regulations. It should be treated no different than that. If the behavior is one you would be asked to leave a grocery store for then you should be asked to leave the skate park. Just because it's unsupervised and outdoors doesn't mean you can be a jerk and a public nuisance

10 hours ago   ·  6

Ryan ShellWheres the video?

10 hours ago   ·  1

Nova SmithSupervision helps. A lot of the parents are acting like children too. A police officer around would be awesome.

10 hours ago   ·  1

Nanette CarrilloMy 8th grade son was there on Sunday with some other 8th graders. I'm sure their language leaves much to be desired and, believe me, I'm working on that with my son. Having said that, he was there and witnessed some pretty serious bullying/harassing by a group of 7th graders with notoriously bad behavior. Police were called by one of my son's friends (and this is my son's account) because she had her backpack picked up by the boys. She pleaded with them to be careful because she had a glass-bottled beverage in it and they proceeded to slam it on he ground and shattering its contents. An officer came, but the kids fled. However, when they mentioned who these kids were, the officer had pages (like a rap sheet, but probably not) on one particular kid. My son showed me a video that one of those boys proudly posted on Instagram of them all picking on another boy (unknown to my son) followed by a physical fight. Very disturbing. I can get names from my son, but posting them here seems inappropriate.

10 hours ago   ·  3

Kelly Brenna LuckeyI am glad to see you putting this out there for discussion, Robert!! When we first moved here, I was excited about the skate park but after giving it many chances, it just didn't seem to be a safe environment and our visits are infrequent. As a parent, I was stunned by the general lack of respect. Most of the kids didn't seem to care that there were young children present, much less the parents of those children. I would sit inside at times hoping to curb the use of the f-bomb but they seemed to take it as a challenge. Is it possible to stipulate times for different ages? It seems unfair that there is an entire segment of the SV population that doesn't feel like they can use it, especially when they are the taxpayers... This may be super crazy but what about a sit-in? Parents just sit around in there enough to disrupt and make it difficult for them to enjoy? Maybe if we make it clear that we just want them to be respectful and hold their language for times when there aren't littles around? For the record, I have seen/met some nice kids who are kind there!! There is no doubt that this place could be such a fun place for everyone but something definitely needs to change! I know I am focused on the language but the whole environment just seems like a ticking time bomb with that being the consistent issue...

9 hours ago   ·  4

Seana NorvellI think as parents and adults we need to do a better job of holding these kids accountable. If you see something that's inappropriate, say something to the guilty party. I'm guilty of seeing inappropriate behavior and ignoring it but if we all come together to help these kids know what's appropriate and what's not we can help them curtail and see outside themselves. I'm definitely not advocating for getting into an altercation with them or shaming them but just trying to find a way to help them see we expect more from them in a community space.

9 hours ago   ·  1

Eric SweetSo parents are required to wear pads and helmets too. I think that is a good rule. It encourages parents to participate. There is some concern that parents unable to skate for what ever reason should not be restricted from the park if they are just there to supervise their children.

9 hours ago   ·  1

Amy BoschenI took my daughter (almost 2) to the park the other day and she wasn't interested in the playground, but wanted to watch the skaters and the basketball players! For her, the "big kids" are fascinating. I have to say she had a great time and we even encountered a young man, maybe 13, who shared his basketball with her and helped her with a few practice shots. I was amazed at his attention and patience with her. I just wanted to say that a lot of you Scotts Valley parents are doing a great job and I think that's the best way to overcome any challenging teens. If you have a teen or preteen, help them to be brave, patient, listening, loving, and encouraging to others. They are a light in the community and the more of them there are, the harder it will be for fighting and poor behavior to dominate the park. Don't relinquish the area and stay home. Get out there, with your kids if necessary, and reclaim it. Thanks to the young man who was a light to us!

8 hours ago   ·  12

Reg KittrelleI'm not a parent. I'm a retired man who visits the Dog Park twice a day, and have been doing so for about ten years. (I know, "Get a life!) As such I've been witness to a full range of Skate Park problems. However, by and large, the kids have worked out a way to get along. When problems do arise, however, they are serious. My observations: ---Traffic into The Garden of Eden has slowed since the brush clearing, but it is still a popular venue as the slope drops off, and activity can't be seen from the roadway. I've walked down there a several times; It's always trashed. The kids I've come across react like you might expect: they're hiding something. ---The bullying I've seen ranges from subtle to brutal. When it's obvious something is happening I'll go stand by the SP fence. This causes the kids to disperse without me saying a word. ---Last Fall I challenged a teenager (14-15?) to pick up the trash he blatantly dumped in the parking lot. I got a face full of obscenities, and a threat. In situations like that I need remind myself I'm. The. Adult. After he walked off without picking up the trash, a friend of his came over and apologized for him, telling me, "He's just an asshole." I was impressed with that. ----One of my biggest concerns is the speeding that often takes place in the parking lot. With the kids, dogs, and elderly there, this could have very serious consequences. ---One of the real downsides to upscale communities is the utterly unwarranted sense of entitlement that pervades groups like this. As part of that is their lack of respect for the park itself. They trash it, bend the bars in the fence and —about twice a year—tag it with what is usually racist language. ...and what might I suggest as solutions? (Partial, at best). ---Garden of Eden. Parents who visit with their children, could take a couple of minutes and walk over to it. That an adult might visit might be a bit of a deterrent. Additionally, picking up a bit of the always-present trash might send a message. I've done this, but it takes an ongoing effort. ---Bullying. The solutions for this need begin long before a child shows up at a park. At the park, an adult presence always mitigates bullying problems. We can't expect to transfer the supervisory problems to the city. Scotts Valley is hard-pressed as is, and is not going allocate monies to keep an adult presence. Something to consider: Why not work a deal with the Scotts Valley Senior Center? ideally, it would be a volunteer program wherein seniors would spend shift at the park. When you think about it, this would be analogous to a life guard at a swimming pool.

8 hours ago   ·  20

Monica GogosanuMy boys (who are 6y/o now )are alway fascinated by big kids at the SP. I had a few instances when the big kids over there had loud music on with profanity words . Even though I asked them to turn it off because it was inappropriate for the location, they totally ignored me. I often feel uncomfortable to let my kids to get even close to that place.

8 hours ago

Annalisa BerletI honestly think parent attendance is the key, i take my toddler to a few areas for skating, he has a scooter and likes to slide down the ramps, of course because he is only 2 i am right there, and have only ever encountered pleasent and respectful kids, they try not to cut him off and they apologize if they do. Having atleast 1 "adult" there seems to work for me personally

7 hours ago   ·  2

Richard Tatelol it's a skate park, people don't know the rep that skaters have... I'm confused this happens at all skate parks

7 hours ago   ·  1

Natasha KatznelsonI would like to see better regulation on the use of bikes at the skate park. I think it is dangerous, especially with little bodies around. There are bikes in there almost everyday. If this rule isn't going to be respected or enforced perhaps it is time to create a bike only time. Thoughts?

7 hours ago

Kirsten CarrawayThanks for starting this discussion! It can be like Lord of the Flies in there with the bullying that occurs. Oftentimes, parents of the older kids cannot be present to monitor their kids' behavior. I'm a fan of a more frequent police presence, even if they just randomly drive through a few times per day, or during peak times

6 hours ago

Lynda HallI think a couple strapping dads should take a rotation of being there after school and a bit during the weekend. If a child uses foul language or becomes aggressive, they could "correct" them. This all comes down to parenting or lack thereof. It's really sad to see how some young people behave...I have seen despicable behavior by both girls and boys.

6 hours ago   ·  1

David RosenSorry but this entire issue boils down to parents needing to be parents. Your kids destroy the bars at the street park, looks like someone should pay up for the repairs, ain' gonna be your kids then it should be you. Your kids bully each other and abuse the privilege (Not a right) to use the park the city provides, looks like you have to make it clear that isn't ok. Your kids don't wear helmets, setting up the younger children to follow suit and for someone to seriously hurt themselves. Your kids only have one brain, teach em to use it. This isn't a police issue. This is a parents not taking responsibility for the children they have issue. Want these issues to stop? Stand up and be the parent you're supposed to be.

5 hours ago   ·  9

Nikki OwensWhat disturbs me the most is seeing kids who are clearly under the age of 18 not wearing helmets -- or if they are wearing them, the strap is so loose that it falls off when they crash. I wonder if there are some retired folks with a passion for community safety that could take shifts monitoring the use of the park and call in police presence when necessary? Good parenting is also certainly useful, but I remember what it was like to be a preteen/teenager and no amount of good parenting was gonna stop me from acting like a punk at times!

4 hours ago   ·  1

Matt Clark^^ THANK YOU DAVID ROSEN. Do any of you think skateparks (or playgrounds, or bike parks, or parking lots and other teen and pre-teen hangouts) were any different in the 1970s, 1980, 1990s or 2000s?!?!? Because they weren't. Bad language. Bullying. The occasional shoving match or fistfight. All par for the course, people. It *is* unfortunate that little kids get exposed to this but IMO the SVSP is not really a little kid park. It's got big bowls and draws big kids and you get what comes from that. Same with Highlands, Sunnyvale, Cunningham (etc). If you witness something serious by all means call the SVPD, but I think having a realistic expectation of what the park is and isn't (or the backbone to bark at kids and adults who are being offensive if you're going to take your littles) is simple logic.

4 hours ago   ·  1

Kyle MaxwellHere's the deal. I know this scene very well. I grew up skateboarding in SJ. In fact, I grew up skating with Tim Brauch, the skater that the park is named after. The scene then was a mix of very hardcore punk rock older skaters, then us new-gen kids. There were no skateparks at the time, just parking lots, warehouse ramps and lots of secret backyard ramps and pools. Whenever a skate session broke out, it was usually aggressive. We were intimidated often by the older guys. They could be very mean. There were rules to this culture, and if you broke them, you could get hurt. There was also little parent involvement, aside from the random well-to-do parent that built a half pipe for their kid. It wasn't little league, in fact it was almost a revolt against the mainstream sport culture. We learned to navigate through this rough crowd and eventually gained the respect of the hardcore guys. Most of my friends went pro, and I went to college. lol Now, I'm a dad with two kids, and we live here. I still skate from time to time and we go the the skatepark often. I've seen the skate scene change and soften up over the years thanks to X-Games and Tony Hawk. All good things for the sport. This has introduced a new crowd of kids, with parents way more involved. It has also scrubbed some of the rebel nature out of the sport, which a lot of old-school skaters don't like. They still want it to be edgy and dangerous. I've seen some attitude at the park, and I know the skaters aren't sure how to react to me. I'm there as a dad with my kids on scooters, but I'm out there doing grinds and busting kick flips. So I get a lot more respect than the average parent. I've told my son in front of other skaters to be careful crossing into their path, so they know that I am actively training him to the way of the scene. I've also asked a group of kids to chill out on the bad language since my kids were right there. They hesitantly respected my request. The solution is to be present, to understand the inherent angst associated with the skatepark scene and to just confidently and cooly help set some boundaries for everyone there. The scene is WAYYYY more mellow than it was for the most part, but the aggro dudes don't respond well to confrontation and the typical police/authority approach. It also helps to set the right expectation with our kids. Go out there, have fun, but know that there's always the risk of conflict and equip them to handle it. Growing up is tough and we can't nerf their entire existence, but calling out thuggery is sometimes required.

4 hours ago   ·  7

Chris DuggerNo where on the sign of " rules " for a public place to be enjoyed by all..is there any mention of " respect for others ". No one gets to take over a " public place " for all to be enjoyed by " some ", who force their foul language / music or actions on everyone else. This place is for all to enjoy, and isn't " owned " by a few foul mouth, rude / inconsiderate individuals.

2 hours ago

Debbie TurnerThis is what happens at Skate Parks....it was all cute when my son was young but as soon as he hit Middle school it got a little crazy including him and his friends a lot of problems but was also a lot a fun for them!! And he got passed that phase....thank goodness! I think they should have times when big kids have to stay out and it's just open for the younger kids....when my son was young I always hung out there with him! And I had no problem telling kids to watch their mouth that there was younger people looking up to them!

2 hours ago

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Holy cow, that rain is no joke. How's everyone holding up? ... See MoreSee Less

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Peace BlossomMy 2nd winter here. That was loud and scary.

19 hours ago

Sandy O. GarrettyI got up at three with all the heavy rain

15 hours ago

Lisa Sweet DillesDitto

15 hours ago

Lucy GowanLooks like Oregon!

13 hours ago

Nanette CarrilloBuilding my arc.

13 hours ago

Grace ReevesAs John Fogarty once sang, "Who'll stop the rain?"

12 hours ago   ·  3

Robyn BeagleLoving it!

11 hours ago

KevinandCherie Anderson👍

7 hours ago

Denise FritschWoke up before 6am to the sound of chainsaws...never a good sign.

6 hours ago

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