How Sweet It Is!

Wait, you want frozen yogurt to go along with your cupcakes? You have come to the right place as the new Cutesy Cupcakes has opened up for business and it’s everything I thought it would be, and more.

Let me start off by saying that it is the same business owned by the same owners, but they have relocated and now have a corner spot at 235 Mt Hermon Road, just a bit farther down the same shopping center next to I Luv Boba and right across from Round Table Pizza.

I think that this place is going to be a huge “hit” in Scotts Valley. Yes, I know, they have been here for a while already selling cupcakes. But there is a whole new twist to their game as they have added frozen yogurt to their menu and I think this place is going to knock it out of the park.


I started off with 5, but added one more… so here are my 6 top reasons why Cutesy Cupcakes will do great in this town:

CC4Location – The “new place” is located in a great spot, next to the other actual new Boba place which has people talking and it’s also right by Taco Bell, Round Table Pizza and the hugely popular Otoro Sushi. It’s all about location and visibility and this place has both with a catchy sign and colors, and at the corner of the building which you won’t miss when you drive in the shopping center.

This place will benefit from people going to the other places, but the other places will benefit from Cutesy Cupcakes too.

Facilities – I already mentioned the location and building, but also the way the place is decorated and the way it flows just says “fun” to me. You will really like the place. It’s nice to look at, it’s clean and it has a cool vibe.

CC7The Goods – OK, so if you have not yet tried their cupcakes which have made them famous, you have to first try them. They have numerous types and flavors that will make you happy. Very happy…

But once you are in there, you may also find yourself straying a little to the right as you see over 50 delicious toppings for their yogurt and against the wall, the various different types of frozen yogurt that they are now serving.

The toppings they offer are fresh and the strawberries that I got for my yogurt were as good if not better then the actual yogurt that it was complimenting.

The Owners – They just got that “it” factor if you ask me. They have a great mind for marketing as well as a talent for making some amazing deserts. I really like how they have put together their branding and how well they have done to get it out there. A lot of businesses seem to forget that it is not just about the product, but also about the marketing of the product and I love what they have done. Hey, I am a marketing guy so I guess I appreciate it more than most.

CC8Scotts Valley is Ready, Willing and Able – This town was needing something like this to compliment the other ice cream place, Baskin Robbins, and it could not have come at a better time. There is another new desert place called Rita’s which is scheduled to open up sometime in March, as I wrote about in the past, but until then, it’s Cutesy Cupcakes and Baskin Robbins in the ice cream and frozen yogurt department.

Fair Pricing – Every time I go into a frozen yogurt place and put toppings on my yogurt, I come out of there paying what I would pay for a steak dinner! But my experience at Cutesy Cupcakes was three of us having yogurt along with toppings for less then $10 total, so I did not have to call my mortgage lender to let them know I may be late paying next month’s mortgage.

All kidding aside, its priced right. And that’s always a bonus.

Get out there and check it out, you and your kids will be glad you did. You can even get non-fat yogurt and just top it off with pineapple and strawberries, along with some blueberries and you can feel good about it too. But don’t forget about their amazing cupcakes, it is not called Cutesy Cupcakes for nothing. They really are out of this world.


Click here to see their listing on the My Scotts Valley Directory

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Robert Aldana
Publisher & Founder