The following is a list of the current contestants for the 2nd Annual My Scotts Valley Christmas Lights Contest. There is a possibility that more contestants will be added and if so, this this post and list will be updated accordingly.

MSV Christmas Lights List

Click on any of the below links on the properties to see pictures and also vote for your favorite using a 5 Star rating system. Only one vote per property, per person will be allowed. All properties are in Scotts Valley.

A. 217 Sunridge Drive

B. 108 Kirkorian Court

C. 9 Kentwood Court

D. 160 Oak Creek Blvd

E. 162 Oak Creek Blvd

F. 173 Oak Creek Blvd

G. 587 Skypark Drive

H. 109 Lauren Circle

I. 4 Casa Way

J. 2580 Bean Creek Road


Neighborhood Viewing Tips

Scotts Valley Heights
Contestants A-F
are in a neighborhood called Scotts Valley Heights. There are many homes that are decorated throughout this neighborhood so drive slowly and look at the beautiful homes there specifically the ones on Oak Creek Blvd and Kentwood Court.

Contestant G
is in Skypark which is a neighborhood that traditionally features a lot of homes with Christmas lights. Take your time driving through here also and check out the numerous homes that have decorated. In fact, last year they took the prize for the most decorated “NEIGHBORHOOD” and this year they are looking to repeat.

Granite Creek Estates
Contestant H is in beautiful Granite Creek Estates where you will see some pretty amazing homes that have shown the Christmas spirit in a big way. In fact, the neighbor to the right of 109 Lauren Circle also has decorated their home beautifully, a MUST SEE! If you know them, tell them to enter their home!

The Vineyards
Traditionally the Vineyards has shown a lot of spirit when it comes to the holidays. This tight-knit community is the talk of the town during Halloween with their decorated homes as well as some of the neatest Christmas decorated homes with lights galore. Take your time driving through as there is lots to see. If you live in the Vineyards and want to enter your home, please do so!

The Vineyards is a neighborhood that crosses Scotts Valley Drive and Vine Hill School Road, across the street from the front of the elementary school. As you are driving north on Scotts Valley Drive, you will see the entrance on the left just before Vine Hill School Road. If you are on Tabor, you have went too far.

Kent Court and Coopers Hawk Court

Kent Court and Coopers Hawk Court has some beautifully lit homes that are definitely worth a drive-through! Almost all of the homes are lit up and it is fun to see..

Online Map

Click here to view a map of all properties on your desktop or on your mobile phone which will follow you as you drive to each destination, displaying the closest contestant.

Enter Your Home

Click here to read more about the contest and to enter your home.

Respect and Enjoy! And Vote!

As always, please respect the properties by not walking on the grass or yard of the homes, or touching any of the displays. They have went through a lot of work to prepare their home and share it will the community and I am sure that they would appreciate it, as would we at My Scotts Valley.

Please don’t forget to vote using the 5 star rating system near the bottom of each listing where is says “Rate This Post” right below 5 grayed out stars. Click on the address link above of the home you are seeing and give it your rating between one to five stars once you have seen the home for yourself.

Wishing you a happy holidays and I hope that you enjoy driving around looking at some amazing light displays, and don’t forget to keep checking back as we add more homes to the list and map.

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