January 9th, 2013 – So who has the best pizza in Scotts Valley? A recent question was posed to the My Scotts Valley CommUNITY on Facebook and pizza lovers were happy to chime in.

The pizzerias that were mentioned are as follows:

Click here to read the post on Facebook and feel free to chime in and give your recommendation for best pizza place in town!

The top pizzeria in town, according to the MSV commUNITY was quite a surprise to many because it is a chain pizza place, Round Table Pizza.

The number two place that was commented on as being the best pizza place was a relatively new-comer to town, Wood Fire Woodie which makes some pretty good pizza from what many are saying. Just walking by their place always makes me stop and take a whiff because it sure smells good!

Number 3 was a tie between Mountain Mikes and Papa Murphy’s Take-n-Bake Pizza, which is family favorite of ours as it is both tasty, and inexpensive.

Slices of Life came in 4th, but I have to believe that is because they are relatively new and not many people know about them yet. They have a great following and lot’s of people in town rave about their pizza.

But as we all know, taste is a subjective opinion and it can change from person to person. I have been to Tony & Alba’s, which did not place in the top 3 and I really like their pizza a LOT as well as their venue. It’s a great place.

My advice? Try them all and judge for yourself. You may find out that you have several “favorite” pizza places. And when you do, or if you have already, visit their page here on MyScottsValley.com (see links above) and post your comments and reviews, I am sure they would appreciate it!

Robert Aldana – Publisher
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